TigerGaming Launches Championship Online Poker Series Lite with $

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TigerGaming is introducing its Championship Online Poker Series Lite (COPS Lite) this spring, featuring a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool and 95 events over seven days. The tournament will run from April 24 through April 30, offering players the opportunity to participate in an exciting and shorter version of the regular Championship Series.

The accessibility of the COPS Lite is one of its key advantages, with buy-ins starting at $2.20, which allows even budget players to get involved. Moreover, a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool main event on April 30th provides an excellent opportunity for players to compete for big prizes.

Apart from the prize money, players can also avail themselves of the Random Poker Rewards while participating in COPS Lite tournaments, which offer players the chance to earn extra cash or bonuses by merely playing. The tournament promises to be one of the highlights of the spring poker calendar, with top-notch gameplay and high prize pools.

For those seeking to pad their bankroll, TigerGaming is offering all PokerForums.org readers a 100% up to $1,000 welcome bonus to kickstart their careers at the online poker site. To avail this offer, players can download TigerGaming via PokerForums.org, create a free account, and make a deposit of at least $50. The bonus will be activated within 24 hours after emailing the excellent support team at support@tigergaming, stating the account number, deposit amount, date, and time of the deposit and the bonus code “NEWTG” within 24 hours of making the deposit. Once activated, the bonus is released in $5 increments each time a player contributes $50 to the cash game rake or pays tournament fees.

However, residents of Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Central African Republic, Cote Divoire, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Souther Territories, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Mali, Malta, Myanmar, Netherlands, Netherlands Antille, Panama, Republic of Korea, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, United Kingdom, United States, US Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, Yemen, and Zimbabwe cannot play at TigerGaming.

TigerGaming COPS Lite Full Schedule

DateTime (ET)Buy-InEventGame
4/24/2313:05$5.50COPS Lite 1: $2,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/24/2314:30$2.20COPS Lite 2: $1,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/24/2314:30$11.00COPS Lite 3: $2,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/24/2315:00$2.20COPS Lite 4: $250 GTD Turbo Big AnteHold’em NL
4/24/2316:30$2.20COPS Lite 5: $1,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/24/2317:00$11.00COPS Lite 6: $2,500 GTD R/AHold’em NL
4/24/2317:00$33.00COPS Lite 7: $4,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/24/2318:30$22.00COPS Lite 8: $2,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/24/2319:00$2.20COPS Lite 9: $1,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/24/2319:10$11.00COPS Lite 10: $7,500 GTDHold’em NL
4/24/2320:00$2.20COPS Lite 11: $250 GTDOmaha PL
4/24/2321:00$5.50COPS Lite 12: $1,500 GTDHold’em NL
4/24/2321:40$33.00COPS Lite 13: $3,000 GTD Turbo PKOHold’em NL
4/24/2321:40$2.20COPS Lite 14: $500 GTD Turbo PKOHold’em NL
4/25/2313:05$5.50COPS Lite 15: $1,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/25/2314:30$11.00COPS Lite 16: $2,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/25/2315:00$2.20COPS Lite 17: $1,000 GTD R/AHold’em NL
4/25/2316:30$2.20COPS Lite 18: $1,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/25/2317:00$11.00COPS Lite 19: $2,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/25/2317:00$5.50COPS Lite 20: $1,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/25/2318:30$22.00COPS Lite 21: $3,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/25/2318:30$5.50COPS Lite 22: $2,500 GTD 6-Max PKOHold’em NL
4/25/2319:00$2.20COPS Lite 23: $1,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/25/2319:10$11.00COPS Lite 24: $7,500 GTDHold’em NL
4/25/2320:00$2.20COPS Lite 25: $250 GTDOmaha PL HL
4/25/2320:15$55.00COPS Lite 26: $5,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/25/2321:40$2.20COPS Lite 27: $500 GTD TurboHold’em NL
4/25/2321:40$5.50COPS Lite 28: $1,000 GTD TurboHold’em NL
4/26/2313:05$5.50COPS Lite 29: $2,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/26/2314:30$11.00COPS Lite 30: $3,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/26/2315:00$2.20COPS Lite 31: $250 GTD 5-MaxHold’em NL
4/26/2316:30$2.20COPS Lite 32: $1,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/26/2317:00$11.00COPS Lite 33: $2,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/26/2317:00$2.20COPS Lite 34: $1,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/26/2318:30$33.00COPS Lite 35: $3,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/26/2318:30$11.00COPS Lite 36: $1,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/26/2319:00$2.20COPS Lite 37: $1,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/26/2319:10$11.00COPS Lite 38: $7,500 GTDHold’em NL
4/26/2320:00$5.50COPS Lite 39: $500 GTDOmaha PL
4/26/2320:15$55.00COPS Lite 40: $5,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/26/2321:40$22.00COPS Lite 41: $2,500 GTD Turbo PKOHold’em NL
4/26/2321:40$2.20COPS Lite 42: $250 GTD Turbo PKOHold’em NL
4/27/2313:05$5.50COPS Lite 43: $3,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/27/2314:30$11.00COPS Lite 44: $3,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/27/2315:00$2.20COPS Lite 45: $250 GTD Turbo Big AnteHold’em NL
4/27/2316:30$2.20COPS Lite 46: $1,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/27/2317:00$11.00COPS Lite 47: $3,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/27/2318:30$33.00COPS Lite 48: $4,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/27/2319:00$5.50COPS Lite 49: $2,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/27/2319:30$22.00COPS Lite 50: $7,500 GTDHold’em NL
4/27/2320:00$2.20COPS Lite 51: $250 GTDOmaha PL HL
4/27/2320:15$55.00COPS Lite 52: $5,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/27/2321:40$11.00COPS Lite 53: $1,500 GTD 6-Max TurboHold’em NL
4/27/2321:40$2.20COPS Lite 54: $500 GTD 6-Max TurboHold’em NL
4/28/2313:05$5.50COPS Lite 55: $2,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/28/2314:30$2.20COPS Lite 56: $1,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/28/2314:30$11.00COPS Lite 57: $2,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/28/2315:00$5.50COPS Lite 58: $500 GTD 5-MaxHold’em NL
4/28/2316:30$2.20COPS Lite 59: $1,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/28/2317:00$22.00COPS Lite 60: $2,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/28/2317:00$5.50COPS Lite 61: $1,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/28/2318:00$11.00COPS Lite 62: $2,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/28/2318:30$33.00COPS Lite 63: $3,500 GTD 6-Max PKOHold’em NL
4/28/2319:00$2.20COPS Lite 64: $1,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/28/2319:10$11.00COPS Lite 65: $7,500 GTDHold’em NL
4/28/2320:00$5.50COPS Lite 66: $500 GTDOmaha PLO5
4/28/2320:15$55.00COPS Lite 67: $5,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/28/2321:40$2.20COPS Lite 68: $500 GTD Turbo PKOHold’em NL
4/28/2321:40$11.00COPS Lite 69: $1,500 GTD Turbo PKOHold’em NL
4/29/2313:05$5.50COPS Lite 70: $1,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/29/2314:30$22.00COPS Lite 71: $2,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/29/2315:00$11.00COPS Lite 72: $1,000 GTD Turbo Big AnteHold’em NL
4/29/2316:30$2.20COPS Lite 73: $1,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/29/2317:00$11.00COPS Lite 74: $3,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/29/2318:30$5.50COPS Lite 75: $2,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/29/2318:30$33.00COPS Lite 76: $3,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/29/2319:10$11.00COPS Lite 77: $10,000 GTDHold’em NL
4/29/2320:00$5.50COPS Lite 78: $500 GTDOmaha PLO6
4/29/2320:15$55.00COPS Lite 79: $5,000 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/29/2321:40$11.00COPS Lite 80: $1,500 GTD TurboHold’em NL
4/29/2321:40$2.20COPS Lite 81: $500 GTD TurboHold’em NL
4/30/2313:00$5.50COPS Lite 82: $12,500 GTD Mini MainHold’em NL
4/30/2313:30$33.00COPS Lite 83: $75,000 GTD MainHold’em NL
4/30/2313:30$109.00$200,000 GTD [Main Event]Hold’em NL
4/30/2314:30$5.50COPS Lite 85: $1,000 GTD PKOOmaha PL
4/30/2315:30$55.00COPS Lite 86: $12,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/30/2316:00$11.00COPS Lite 87: $7,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/30/2317:00$2.20COPS Lite 88: $1,500 GTD Deep StackHold’em NL
4/30/2317:00$1.10COPS Lite 85: Flip to $215 Final DayHold’em NL
4/30/2319:00$55.00COPS Lite 90: $10,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/30/2319:00$11.00COPS Lite 91: $5,000 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/30/2320:00$55.00COPS Lite 92: $5,000 GTDOmaha
4/30/2320:00$2.20COPS Lite 93: $1,500 GTD PKOHold’em NL
4/30/2321:40$22.00COPS Lite 94: $5,000 GTD Turbo PKOHold’em NL
4/30/2321:40$5.50COPS Lite 95: $2,000 GTD Turbo PKOHold’em NL

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