Victory Poker to Cereus Network: What would it mean?

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If the recent rumors about Victory Poker leaving the Cake Poker Network for the Cereus Poker Network (currently a two-player network consisting of UB Poker and Absolute Poker) it could send a major ripple through the online poker world, despite the somewhat small size and player pool Victory Poker would initially bring to the Cereus Network.

The reason I say this is because as we have seen over the decade-plus run of Internet poker, the online poker world is one of the most fragile eco-systems imaginable. The original online giant Planet Poker met its demise in part from technical problems that saw the site shut-down for a couple days allowing Paradise Poker to gain a foothold: Paradise was eventually done in by the sleeker Ultimate Bet and Party Poker: Party Poker yielded the top spot to PokerStars when UIGEA legislation passed: and other sites have seen their fortunes ebb and flow for a number of other reasons –look at what the loss of Lock Poker and Sportsbook Poker’s extremely loose gambling base did to the Cake Poker Network’s overall numbers last year.

So, even though Victory Poker is a small player in online poker at the moment, the site has the recipe for success, and perhaps the missing ingredient was simply a large enough player base to give them some traction. Victory started off on the Everleaf Poker Network and was responsible for the massive growth of the network; they then moved to the Cake Poker Network late last year with hopes of adding to an already sizable player base. Unfortunately, the Cake Poker Network had nothing but troubles in 2010 and their player base shrunk dramatically.

By joining the Cereus Poker Network, Victory Poker has the opportunity to offer players good promotions, a good client, and most importantly a strong player base –Cereus is the 6th largest network/poker site, while the Cake Poker Network ranks 26th.

So what is likely to happen is that Victory Poker will initially bring about 100-200 players (total guess on their numbers) to the Cereus Poker Network, but there will also be a group of non-Victory Poker players who say, “Well, now that they spread a lot more games maybe I’ll give the site a try.” So now maybe 500 players are added to the Cereus Network, shooting them up to the #5 or even #4 spot, then more and more players follow the trend and join AP, UB or Victory Poker, or maybe another skin joins the network, and suddenly the Cereus Network is once again a major player in online poker.

There is also the possibility for some fallout for Victory Poker: By joining the Cereus Network –which has a very bad track-record—Victory Poker could theoretically alienate some of its player base that refuses to play at UB Poker or Absolute Poker. If this were the case Victory Poker could bring very little to the table for the Cereus Network.

There is also the problem of the 20+ poker pros signed to Victory Poker who may have some misgivings about representing the Cereus Network, even if it is not a UB or AP patch they are wearing.

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