British Poker Pro Fears Death Sentence

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Marcus Bebb-Jones, a British poker professional has spoken out to show that he fears for his life once his trial is over.

The professional poker player is accused of murdering his wife Sabrina in 1997 and then using the money that the couple had to start living a playboy lifestyle.

It was within this time that Bebb-Jones began to take to the poker tables, creating a successful return on his investments while playing poker tournaments and real money ring games.

It is speculated that Bebb-Jones used the funds that he acquired following the death of his wife to buy into the tournaments.

The murder that happened in Las Vegas is within the United States of America, a country that still executes the use of the death sentence as a form of punishment for crimes of this statue.

Bebb-Jones instructed his defence council to request that he be exempt from the possibility of a death sentence following the conclusion of the trial but the news for the accused isn’t the news that he would like to have heard.

Ben Cooper who is representing the defence council was told that Mr Bebb-Jones faces a minimum of life imprisonment without the opportunity for parole in a Colorado based prison but the court could not rule out the possibility of Bebb-Jones been sentenced to death should the defendant be extradited back to the United States of America.

The judge who is set to chair the trial has told Cooper that he is willing to postpone his decision on the matter until March 2010 but Bebb-Jones will remain in custody up until his video link appearance set for February 22nd.

Aaron Watkins, council for United States Government issued a statement, saying:

“On September 16th 1997, he took his wife to a national park in Colorado where she was murdered. Thereafter he spun a number of stories which conflicted one another in order to explain her absence. On the weekend following that incident it is said Mr Bebb-Jones went to Las Vegas and spent thousands of dollars, partially using credit cards in his wife’s name. He lived a playboy lifestyle during the course of that weekend which culminated in him putting a gun in his mouth and shooting himself in the head. Whether by judgment or design, he did not cause any life-threatening injuries.”

The trial is hoping to come to a conclusion March 10th 2010.



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