PokerStars announces major change to VIP Program

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Earlier this year poker players were in an uproar over PokerStars changes to their VIP Program as well as to the rake structure for certain games. The site’s efforts to reward the more casual players on the site (while at the same time making VIP thresholds more difficult to attain for high-volume players) sparked enough controversy that PokerStars decided to invite several representatives from the poker industry, including players, to a closed door meeting in order to get their feedback.

Well, it looks like the meeting was a success for players, as PokerStars recently unveiled its new VIP Bonus exchange, which has lowered the previous threshold across the board. Players from Bronze Star (the lowest on the PokerStars VIP ladder) all the way up to Supernova Elite will see at least a 50% reduction in the amount of VPP”s they must accumulate before cashing their points in.

While the exchange rate remains the same (Bronze Star players will still receive $.01 for each FPP they exchange) they will no longer have to wait until they have 2,500 VPP’s before exchanging their points for cash ($25). Now Bronze Star players can exchange 1,000 FPP’s for $10. These changes are being enacted across the board, with every level of the PokerStars VIP Program seeing a drastic reduction:

* Bronze: Can now exchange 1,000 FPP’s for $10, a 60% decrease

*Bronze FPP’s are worth $.01*

* Silver: Can now exchange 2,250 FPP’s for $25, a 50% decrease

*Silver FPP’s are worth $.011*

* Gold: Can now exchange 6,250 FPP’s for $75, a 75% decrease

*Gold FPP’s are worth $.012*

* Platinum: Can now exchange 15,400 FPP’s for $240, a 69% decrease

*Platinum FPP’s are worth $.013*

* Supernova: Can now exchange 40,000 FPP’s for $600, a 60% decrease

*Supernova FPP’s are worth $.015*

* Supernova Elite: Can now exchange 100,000 FPP’s for $1,600, a 60% decrease

*Supernova Elite FPP’s are worth $.016*

For more on the changes to the PokerStars VIP program or for information on the other aspects of the VIP Program at the site you can visit

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