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High Pulse Poker is a new player on the poker scene, the site launched its real-money version on the 15th of November, but unlike other online poker startups that mimic what the current crop of online poker rooms are doing, High Pulse Poker has decided to do things their own way and the result is a fun, player-friendly, place to play online poker.

High Pulse Poker is not only offering a tremendous amount of promotions, such as freeroll tournaments starting every 15 minutes and 50% rakeback for all players, but the site also has some very interesting software that they are touting as the Next-Gen in online poker software.

So what kind of promotions and features will you find at High Pulse Poker? Try these on for size:

* 50% Rakeback for every player, paid every Sunday. Instead of a deposit bonus, High Pulse Poker offers players a lifetime deposit bonus, a mind-boggling 50% rakeback deal that never expires! Ask any serious poker player if they would rather receive a 100% deposit bonus or a 30% rakeback deal and every single one will choose the 30% rakeback deal; and High Pulse Poker is offering a 50% rakeback deal!

* High Pulse Poker runs Freeroll tournaments every 15 minutes with prize-pools ranging from €10 all the way up to €2,000. Furthermore, the cash you win in these freeroll tournaments is immediately available in your account to use however you choose.

* High Pulse Poker’s software features: Borderless windows, the ability to tile and organize multiple tables, the capability to reduce the frame rate (which will save battery power on laptops and other mobile devices), animated emoticons to let your opponents know precisely how you feel (or what you want them to think you “feel”).

* You’ll also find all of the usual suspects when it comes to online poker features, like Friends and “Buddy” lists, Note taking option with built-in skill level setting, auto-center seat, 2 or 4 color deck, hand histories, and more.

* Additionally, all of your settings are stored on the High Pulse Poker server, which means you will not lose your notes and table preferences if you switch to a new computer or go from playing on your PC to your laptop.

As you can see, High Pulse Poker has taken some of the best aspects of the current players in the online poker industry and improved upon them, and tossed aside outdated models like one-time deposit bonuses in favor of a 50% rakeback deal for all players.

High Pulse Poker

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