Fighting a Two-Front War: Why Casinos are Pushing Dual Identities

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Since the beginning of the Internet, businesses, along with just about every other aspect of life, have had to rapidly evolve in order to appeal to a new market. Magazines and newspapers have had to stress their digital presence in order to survive, sometimes discarding their physical locations althogether. This, in turn, comes with its advantages and disadvantages and many icons in their respective industries who failed to make the necessary changes were tossed to the wayside.

The Future is Now

The Internet and this digital age have had such an impact that it’s impossible to really tell just how far it will come and where it will pull the rest of the world during those changes. Although some credible sources have ventured a guess as to the future of the Internet, it’s up to anyone’s discretion as to how that change will affect the rest of the world. Without getting too deep into the technology’s intricacies and its implications on the human race, we’re here to talk about how poker rooms and casino institutions as a whole can be impacted. Now, as you know, we’re always up to date on upcoming tournaments and all of their details, but we rarely talk about where poker as a whole is headed. Will it meet the same fate as a few other businesses and head solely to a digital format? Or will the smoky dens of high stakes and higher emotions live to deal another day? While the answer to that might be difficult to predict, we can at least say we see a trend among some establishments to have both an online and offline presences. For instance, London’s own Hippodrome Casino has kept its physical location while at the same time creating an online site to cater to a player base that prefers to stay at home. Is this type of venture realistic during a time when digital seems to be the “end all be all”? Let’s look at how bricks-and-mortar establishments can build a solid online foundation.

Spare No Expense Online

Gambling is an industry built with plenty of pizazz. Bright lights and an unmistakable undertone of energy characterize what has made cards so enticing. It’s hard to take that business model and make it work on a computer screen. But many online casinos have tried to capture the same excitement made so popular by physical casinos. Just because gamblers prefer to stay home doesn’t mean they don’t like to be thrilled. For example, we can see the same level of polish on the Hippodrome online site as what is displayed in the confines of its building. A black background accentuated by red highlights and reinforced with a wall of games on offer acts much the same way as entering a bricks-and-mortar casino. Many online sites can talk the talk, but when it comes to providing and equal experience to customers who have been to Las Vegas or similar areas, they fall flat. The online facet of a land-based casino must not only replicate the glamor of its VIP rooms but also offer more games, more options and more payment methods in order to attract customers in a crowded market.

Online Bonuses and Payment Options

First and foremost, online casinos tend to offer promo incentives that wrangle in players by the dozens, so if a sparkly-looking site isn’t enough, you can be sure that giving the first 50 spins for free on a site will turn some heads. Everyone loves a good deal and poker players are certainly no exception to that. So, many times they’re able to give bonuses that physical sites just aren’t able to match. Furthermore, online casinos are able to accept so many different forms of payment that physical locations just aren’t able to compete with. The advantage is so compelling that it’s seemed to pique Phil Ivey’s interest as he’s joined the online craze as a strategic advisor for an upcoming cryptocurrency site. This option invites in any gambler who has money in any form whether it be physical or digital. However, having the online casino in the same name as the physical location still makes a good advert for the people who are able to make the trip out to the area at some point. In terms of the Hippodrome, a casino located in one of the most recognized cities in the world, it draws on popularity from both locations to grab players.

Online Casinos Have A Smaller Overhead

Although the european online casino industry has seen an increase of about 3 percent each year, we’ve also seen a rise in unlicensed European online casinos. This is due, in part, to the overhead costs that are noticeably decreased in online casinos. So while it’s saving unlawful sites a pretty penny, it’s doing the same for places that are running everything above board as they don’t have to pay for entertainment, drinks, food, to keep on the electricity and everytyhing else that is making it costly to run a physical business. It’s a simple advantage, but one that anybody who has to run a business will absolutely appreciate.

By 2020, we could be looking at a nearly $60 billion industry in online gambling. While some casinos might view that as direct competition, it seems the more industrious establishments are using that growth to shed light on an existing physical presence rather than obscure it. We’ll just have to see in the future if that’s a pairing that can continue to help or hinder both parts of the partnership.

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