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Every year there are a handful of players who have a tremendous amount of success at the World Series of Poker. Often times these players seem to come out of nowhere, or are longtime professionals who finally have their breakout moment; in this column I’m going to takeRead Full Article

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After a week of build-up PKR Poker has finally let the cat out of the bag as to the identity of their newest Team PKR Poker Pro: Jake Cody. With the signing of the youngest Triple Crown winner in poker history (Cody is all of 23 years old)Read Full Article

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One of the top independent online poker rooms in the world, PKR Poker, has announced that it will be signing one of “the best poker players in the world” to its Team PKR Pro roster, according to a press release issued on Friday. PKR Poker is one ofRead Full Article

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The preliminary days one and two are over and tonight the whole field comes together for day three of the Main Event at this years WSOP. There are still 1,864 players left Is can and you oily lighter my which in on try after 1/2. To althoughRead Full Article