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There is news on several different fronts when it comes to the pending launch of online poker in the state of Nevada. Among the key pieces are the recent legal decisions on the federal level; information on how regulators in Nevada will audit the online sites; and the potential launch of the US’s first legal online poker room, South Point Poker.


Earlier this year the DOJ decided to revise its interpretation of the 1961 law known as the Wire Act. No longer would the DOJ apply the Wire Act to online poker and other forms of gambling, stating that the Wire Act only applies to sports-betting. This ruling opened the doors for online lotteries and online poker at the state level.

More recently the ruling by Federal District Judge Jack Weinstein that poker is a game of skill has also proved a major accomplishment for the pro-online poker movement. These two rulings together present state’s with a free pass when it comes to legalizing and regulating online poker, and could force the federal government’s hand to pass their own legislation now that states can reap the rewards.

Regulations on online poker sites

According to a 31 page report released by the NGCB online poker rooms will have to abide by a number of rules including daily, weekly and monthly logs. If you’re a policy wonk you can read the report here:

For those of you that prefer a summary, basically the online poker rooms in Nevada will be under the toughest scrutiny in the history of the industry as regulators try to deal with underage and problem gamblers; making sure the sites are on the up-and-up, and various other issues.

South Point Poker plans to launch in October

The most recent license granted by the state of Nevada was to the South Point Casino. What makes South Point different from their predecessors (Bally Technologies, IGT, and Shuffle Master) is that they have foregone partnering with an existing online poker site and developed their own software. Because of this, South Point will be the first online poker room in Nevada, with an expected launch date in October!

South Point has been operating a play money online poker for several months (the play-money site will still be available to all residents outside of Nevada after the site launches its real-money room) as they gear-up for their real-money launch. So far, poker players have not been overly impressed with the software, many feel it looks too much like a Facebook style poker game, which isn’t all that surprising considering the software was developed by Zen Entertainment.

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