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Selecting the best poker site online is a very personal choice as different types of players are looking for different things, such as high prize pool tournaments, regular cash games and high value bonuses.

Personally I like to combine all three of the mentioned factors in order to ensure that I am getting a complete poker player experience while playing online and increasing my desire to play the game from the comfort of my own home, after all, there is no feeling that can match playing competitive poker in a live environment.

So with the foundations laid, I will tell you of the three best online poker rooms for players just like me, who are looking to enjoy their sessions online while still having the chance to increase their bankroll.

$300 Everest Bonus

Coming in second place has to be Everest Poker, the poker site that I started my online poker journey.

The site is well known for offering new and inexperienced poker players a place to play their preferred variant, often being the usual Texas Hold’em Poker variant that is so simple to learn.

The software at the site is fast and reliable, meaning that you’re not fighting to keep your connection to the site unlike many online poker sites that are over run by players.

The look of the site could be considered to be basic but effective, leaving you with the feeling that you are in safe hands when it comes to the poker site that you have selected.

The site also offers a great withdrawal system, great due to the speed in which you can receive your funds, personal experience showing that it is faster than some of the biggest online poker sites in the market.

$500 Titan Bonus

Titan Poker comes in as my third place choice, simply due to the history that I have with Everest Poker lifting it above its counterpart.

Housed within the iPoker Gaming Network, the site is based on similar software as Everest Poker but they are able to separate themselves from Everest through the level of customer service offered to their members.

Titan Poker are an award winning poker room, winning the best player support award for more than 3 years running, a title that shows that the poker room understand that a good poker room is one that treasures its players.

The promotions and tournaments at the site are also hugely popular with the player base, drawing players from all ability levels into competition for some of the large prize pool tournaments that they offer each and every month.

I personally like Titan Poker but have to advise that from time to time you could find yourself getting a phone call to offer you special offers if you top up your players account within 12 hours of the call, something that I felt was a little over the top but others will enjoy that factor.

$1200 Lock Bonus

Lock Poker

Lock Poker fills my fourth best online poker room following a recent download of the client and some time playing at the tables.

The site is still quite new to the online poker industry and has recently switched from the Cake Network to move into the Merge Network, a move which for me has brought out the best in the site and the offering that it has.

The site is still looking to increase its players base and the amount of traffic that is active at the most popular times of the day and night but even with that still being their goal they are able to offer you a great place to either begin your online poker playing experience or as a place to call your own.

The good thing about Lock Poker is that although it does have a number of professionals that play at the site as well as a number of pros who are endorsed by the brand, the lower stakes offer nothing but the amateur players just like me.

I was able to find a number of Texas Hold’em Poker games that suited my gaming style and possessed opponents who seemed to be as loose as anyone that I have come across on an online poker room.

Oh and lets not forget the huge Lock Poker Bonus that is up for grabs, with your first deposit being matched at a rate of 200% up to the value of $1,200.

Best Poker Room Information

Some of you could be questioning why the likes of PokerStars aren’t listed within the top three sites in my opinion, I mean they are the biggest online poker site in the world.

As I mentioned at the start of the article, selecting a poker site is a personal preference and I just feel that the number of bad beats that are waiting for you at their tables is significantly higher than any on the list above.

By no means should you take my findings and thoughts as the gospel truth in your case but I have been open and honest about my experiences at the sites to provide you with the best possible start to your best poker sites search.

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