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  1. Daniel Negreanu
  • Est.: 2002
  • Updated: Monthly
  • All Time Money: 1st = $ 34,333,815
  • Rating: *********   9/10

It feels like Daniel has been part of the poker scene longer than before their was a poker scene. The original kid of poker is now the OG, and his blog is one of the most interesting you will find online. Never one to hide from the controversial subjects or to hold his tongue, Daniels blog is always interesting.


List of Poker Player Blogs

Below is a list of Poker Players that blog about their time as a poker player. Most are well known online poker players from the UK. However, you should find some of the bigger named players also.


After reading thousands apon thousands of blogs, I have come up with a list of the best poker related blogs. Some blogs are from poker players and other blogs from people in the poker industry. Also, visit which recently released a list of the 65 most popular poker blogs. So here is a list of other interesting poker blogs.

Other Poker Blogs

1. Mike Wittmeyer’s Best Poker Sites Blog

Mike Wittmeyer runs and the blog on this site has fast became one of the leading Poker Blogs online. It is run more like a news section and is updated regularly, which will please all PNB readers. This blog is highly recommended


2. Noted Poker Authority
Great Poker Blog that if read by any poker player will surely find interesting. This blog contains some great poker strategy blog post which will help players at any level. It’s more informational than interesting, but the information is top class.


3. Jan Teilhof’s Blog
Outstanding Poker Blog. This is a poker blog from Jan Teilhof. Jan is not only a good Poker Player, but also a good Poker Affiliate and writer. So with the combination of all three, make this poker blog a great read for Poker Players and people interested in poker or how to be involved in poker.


4. Pokerlistings Blog
Pokerlistings blogs offers you a behind-the-scenes look at the culture of poker and the lifestyles of the players who live it, like Liz Lieu. Check out everything from the latest poker gossip to the positively nerd street tech blog.

5. BillRini Poker Blog

This is a blog slightly different from most. It is by an ex affiliate/poker room manger/Poker Player. So with that combanation you end up with the BillRini Poker Blog. This is still one of the most popular poker blogs available online.


6. Iggy’s Poker Blog

Iggy’s Poker Blog is the original poker blog. Their isn’t a poker blog out their that has lasted longer than Iggy’s. For a poker blog to last as long as Iggy’s, he must be doing something right. Still updated daily, Iggy’s Poker Blog to Poker Blogs is like what Elvis is to Rock n Roll.


7. Arkansas Gambler

This is more a blog that I have found very interesting, as I am a poker affiliate. This blog follows the trials and tribuations of a poker affiliate. It is also very handy for anyone who is looking to get into the poker affiliating industry. The blog also offers some great advice, and Randy, the owner and writer, is an expert in SEO. So just by reading his blog post you will learn alot abot SEO.


8. Wicked Chops Poker

This is an other interesting poker blog. It’s filled with some of the funniest poker stories and girls. Did I mention Girls. This blog will have you reading and laughing all day with pages and pages of funny poker posts.


9. Tao of Poker

If you like reading this is the blog for you. This blog contains the most in detail and informational blog posts I have ever read. This blog will not miss one detail. Take the time and have a good read.


10. Pokerati

Very interesting blog that contains up to date news and stories. The blog is updated regularly with new and interesting information


11. Max Poker Bonus Blog

Max Poker Bonus is a website dedicated to online poker bonuses, but there’s much more than just poker room reviews and bonuses. Their blog contains general poker topics and posts about poker room promotions, online poker tournaments and live poker events, pro poker players, as well as strategies and tips posts. Several poker enthusiast write for this blog and with about two posts per week it’s a nice addition to read.


12. Pokkercards Strategy Blog

The main focus of Pokkercards is newer players. But their strategy blog is definitely worth checking out as it contains articles not only for new players starting out but for intermediate and advanced players too.


13. Online Poker Blog blog is current poker news focusing on legislation, deposit methods, and country specific player issues and general information about playing at online poker sites with a real money focus.


14. Professional Game player

This is another interesting poker blog written by a young semi-pro. You will find poker hands analysis, strategic poker concepts, news about the top pros and anything important to the serious poker player.


15. Poker Affiliate

Jonathan Wanchalk’s blog about poker, affiliating, and retailing. Read about everything from a realistic point of view.


16. Adam’s Poker Affiliate Blog

Adam’s blog provides a number of tips for successfully promoting online poker, along with charting his monthly goals and objectives.


17. Blog

Stay up to date with poker news and strategies at’s great blog.

Best Poker Blog Ever

Daniel Negreanu
  • Interesting Read
  • Regularly Updated
  • Popularity


Daniel Negreanu’s Poker Blog is one of the most consistently updated poker blogs by one of the most skilled and popular poker players to play the game.

Daniel Negreanu Blog

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