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Playing online poker is a great experience for a number of players but sometimes you need to add a little more thought into your online poker room selection process in order to maximize your winning potential.

Finding an online poker room which offers a huge amount of variance when it comes to playing members of the site will offer you the biggest chance of success, allowing you to target the less experienced players.

Everyone who players online poker knows that there are many types of players who find their poker fix within the online poker environment, whether that be the seasoned online poker pro or the less able poker fish.

The key to a successful poker room selection is to target the weakest player base and launch your assault on their bankrolls, beating them in hands that are set to boost your poker earnings and ultimately your own poker bankroll.

Having played online poker for a number of years, we thought that we should bring you some insider information on the online poker rooms that offer the highest level of ‘fish’ at the tables, helping you to make the right selection when it comes to joining a poker site.

The first obvious point that we should point out is that if you are looking to make money from ‘poker fish’ you need to be looking to avoid the two major online poker rooms in the industry, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.

Failure to avoid these sites can prove to be a fatal mistake for a huge number of players due to the level of players who sit and wait for players just like you within the lower stake tables, when really they could be seated up a number of stake levels higher also.

‘Poker fish’ don’t tend to spend much time on the likes of Full Tilt and PokerStars due to either losing their funds or realising that they are out of their depth with the level of player offered at the site, opting to cash out and move on to the lower ranked poker rooms that we will detail for you in a moment.

Okay, so lets have a look at the best site for you if you are looking to cash in on the less advanced players, starting with the site that I feel offers the highest number of fish in the industry.

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everest poker Fish rating 5 Everest Poker was the first online poker room that I ever joined and proved to be a great place to play but more to the point it was the most appealing to me as a new player of online poker.

The fact that I was drawn to the site wasn’t based on reviews or anything like that, more that the software looked good when I looked at the site and so I joined up to begin my poker journey that has lead me here.

So why is this important?

The main point here is that the site attracts players who have never played online poker before, the type of player who are the most likely to fish for hands at times they should be watching the action without a hand.

Take advantage of the new breed of online poker players and you too can make thousands from minimal investment on this site.

Lock Poker fish rating 4.5 Lock Poker has to be one of the best online poker rooms for finding low quality and fishy players within the lower stakes.

Due to the site still being relatively new to the online poker industry, the site is still to build a huge player base, meaning that the number of advanced and high level professionals that grace the site are limited to only a handful, allowing you to get stuck into action with players just like you.

With the popularity of the site growing by the day, you can expect to find new players trying to avoid the hussle and bussle of some of the bigger poker rooms, instead turning their attention to joining Lock Poker so that they can focus on their game rather than that of a seasoned player that is seated across the table from them.

I have only recently joined the site and have found that stake levels at $0.025/$0.50 are the loosest poker tables I have ever come across, enabling me to not only treble my initial investment within a matter of days but also have even managed to note down a number of loose players for me to search for every time I head to the site.

If you have more than a basic understanding of the game and the ability to switch between a number of variants of playing styles then you would be right at home on this site as it seems to offer a high number of uniformed players who stick solely to the ‘wait for premium’ method of play.

Tower Gaming Fish Fish Rating 4 Tower Gaming is a prime location for starting out your assault on the ‘Poker fish’ category of players for a number of reasons, the main one being that they can play their game in the safe knowledge that they aren’t about to run into someone who makes millions of dollars a year playing the game.

The site offers almost the same level of gameplay as the bigger sites but with a higher sign up bonus than a large percentage of the online poker rooms available to date, they are more willing to invest higher amounts of cash into their accounts in a bid to free up more free poker bankroll funds.

Experience at the site tells us that almost all of the low to medium staked tables offer at least one or two players who would fall under the category of being a fish, meaning that you are never too far away from getting one hooked onto your bait hand.

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