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Poker News Boy prides itself on delivering up to date Poker News straight to your computer.

We have writers from all over the World. This helps us to keep all our Poker News as recent as possible.


Gerry Poltorak – N.Ireland – Editor and main share holder

Gerry Poltorak is a semi-professional poker player, and experienced writer. Gerry is a poker player sponsored by Gloss Poker as well as writes for a number of online poker sites. You can read articles by Gerry at, PokerNewsHeadlines and He also is the main contributor to a few small sites such as and Gerry is also well known in N.Ireland as one of the top live players, which helps him bring knowledge and experience to his writing.

Stevie “AllinStevie” Devlin – Ireland – Strategy Writer and share holder

Stevie Devlin is far better known as an online poker player, than a writer. He is a well known professional poker player and has well over $1,000,000 in online tournament winnings, plus was ranked in the top 10 as well as number1 in the UK on the Pocket5s tournament leaderboard, before moving to primarily cash games. This is why it will be hard to find a poker strategy writer as experienced and as knowledgeable as AllinStevie.

Steve Ruddock – USA – Main Writer

Steve Ruddock is a professional poker player, instructor, and author. Steve is the National Online Poker Examiner, and has contributed content to numerous online sites including and With over 10 years of playing experience, he is able to combine his real world experience, and his never-ending study of the game, to help players of all levels improve their play.

Richard Lavington – UK – Writer

Richard has a passion for poker, although not a professional player his enthusiasm and passion always shines through in his writing. Richard has a good all round knowledge of online poker and plays online as often as he can.

Richard writes for other sports related and sports news sites, and looks forward to the challenge of contributing the latest in UK poker news on PNB.

James “compncards” Guill – USA

James Guill spent a good portion of 2006 and 2007 playing in the live poker circuit.  He had what he call “mild success”, including two WSOP cashes.  Around 2008, he decided that he did not want to pursue playing full-time and made the transition to writing.  Since that point he has worked for outlets large and small, including PokerNews, PokerNetwork, and even the Ongame Network.  James’ preference for mixed games has made him an all-around player and he now brings his many talents to the PNB team.

Alex “PokerFelts” Graves – UK – Writer

Alex is a well known poker writer in the industry writing freelance for many other poker sites, who usually goes by the name PokerFelts. Alex is one of the recent additions to PNB, but you should be seeing far more of his articles in the not to long future.

Andrew Townsend – Wales (UK) – Writer

Andrew is no where near a professional poker player, but what he lack’s in big game experience he makes up for with enthusiasm. Andrew is the co-runner of a small local poker league in the heart of South Wales and a keen enthusiast of spreading the poker word across this area. Andrew has been playing home games and running leagues for over 3 years now and has ran several Charity Poker evening’s raising as much money as possible for local and national charity’s.
This will be Andrew first real venture in to the world of poker writing but he is willing to give it 100%.

Adam Grunwerg – UK – Writer

At just 21 years old, Adam is already involved in several online gaming markets.  Adam has written freelance articles for many other poker and sports-related sites, including some of his own.  An active poker player and sports betting enthusiast, Adam has a good knowledge of online poker and sports news in the UK and adds plenty of youth and enthusiasm to our writing team at PNB.

Victor Ipson – USA – Writer

Born just outside Manchester, England, Victor Ipson moved to the USA at age 5, where he has lived ever since.  In his teenage years, Victor accompanied his father on a business trip to Las Vegas, where the lights and the non-stop commotion of the city captured his interest.  It was on this trip when Ipson decided he wanted to be a professional gambler.  After attending college, Ipson became just that; gambling and writing for a living.  Known on the local circuit as “VIP,” Victor Ipson is a respected author and expert on poker.  Victor “VIP” Ipson is a contributing staff writer to


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