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Mac computer owners are at a constant disadvantage when it comes to playing poker online.

This has often been the case with Online Poker games. Nowadays, the situation for poker playing Macintosh users is better because of three different ways that it can be played on a Mac. These include playing in a flash poker room, employing a PC emulator, or playing with Mac compatible software. All of these methods offer pros and cons. For example, PokerStars and Party Poker don’t accept US players, where as Carbon Poker are one of the few US mac poker sites.


Top 3 MAC Poker Sites

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Poker Stars


Carbon Poker


Party Poker


Playing Poker Using Flash Poker Rooms

Poker rooms equipped with Image Flash permit Mac users to engage in online poker games right from their web browsers. No software downloads are required. Even though Macintosh computers will not operate Windows based programs, they are able to go to the websites, making it possible to play.

The advantages to this type of poker playing are several. No disc space is tied up on the computer with no download poker sites. Updates to the software similarly never need to be downloaded as the latest version is continuously being played by the user. For a person who is using a Linux operating system, these flash poker sites are their best choice as well.

There are a few downsides to flash poker. The visual effects will not be as impressive this way. Sometimes, the software will not operate as smoothly as poker played on downloaded rooms.

Playing Poker on PC Emulators

PC Emulators were created for Macintosh computers to allow them to operate software that is for Windows only. They work by running a hybrid version of Windows on the Mac computer. The real downside to such emulator programs is their cost. They can be high. With these PC emulators, a person is capable of running any poker room that works for Windows, and the problem is solved.

Playing Poker with Downloading Mac Software

The simplest and most effective means of playing poker on line with the Macintosh computer is to download one of the several Mac designed poker software programs. A few of these Mac Poker Sites are Ultimate Bet and Full Tilt Poker. The programs reside on the person’s hard drive and are accessed by simply clicking on them. Web browsers are not required to be opened each time that the game is played.

The downside is that the program will take up space on the hard drive. Weekly updates will have to be downloaded as well. Still, they permit easy, convenient poker room play.

Both the Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars have Mac Poker software that proves to be identical to the Windows versions. This means that they offer a user both fantastic game play and graphics too.  Bodog is another company that makes a Mac flash poker room that is identical to its Windows version.

Mac Poker Site Bonuses

All three of these sites offer bonuses for signing up and playing with real money as well. Full Tilt provides a decent one hundred percent bonus for up to $600 in deposits. Ultimate Bet betters this with a generous 111% matching deposit bonus for up to $1,111 in deposits. Bodog’s bonuses are comparable with the Lock Poker Bonus, providing a full 110% matching bonus for up to $1,100 in bonus payout.

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