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GG Poker

GG Poker has quickly became one of our favourite Poker sites to play online. This is largely thanks to the awesome promotions and really soft opponents on the GG Poker Network. Will GGPoker be the next big poker site? Read the review of GG Poker below.

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Full Review

GG Poker Review

GG Poker is one of our favourites of recent. This is largely due to the lack of talented poker players on the poker site. GG Poker is one of the few online poker sites that we can still play on and feel like we are successful at poker.

In fairness, GGPoker is a solid addition to the every changing number of online poker sites. Recently inquiring all PPI Poker players, GG Poker has seen an increase in traffic, which has increased the guaranteed prize pools. This is great news for tournament players. Play the High Roller $100k Guaranteed and you will see what I mean about why its good for tournament players and also see first hand how low the quality of poker players are on GGPoker.

We will go into more depth on the important aspects of GG Poker as you read our full GG Poker Review below. But in summary GG Poker is surprisingly a very good addition to poker scene, and we recommend all recreational players sign up and download GGPoker.

GG Poker Overall Popularity

GG Poker is the flagship poker site on the same named GGPoker Network, which is currently has the 5th largest player base of all poker rooms and poker networks. They average between 1000 to 2000 players at any one time. GG Poker share the network with solid poker rooms such as Breakout Poker, Best Poker and Lotos Poker to name a few.

Overall the popularity of GG Poker is increasing daily and we expect this to continue as players become aware of the large guaranteed poker tournaments and the large number of fish on the poker site.

GG Poker Deposit Bonus

GG Poker have an amazing poker deposit bonus. If you use GGPoker Bonus Code: MAXBONUS, when you sign up to GG Poker, you will automatically be entitled to a 200% deposit bonus up to $1000. This means you are getting 3 times your initial deposit at GG Poker. You can also qualify for this bonus just by using the GG Poker download link at the top of the page.

GG Poker Software

The software used by GG Poker is the same used by all GGPoker Network poker sites. We have to admit we actually quite like it. It reminds us slightly of the popular Full Tilt software a bit when it come to look and feel. So on the surface we like the GG Poker software. However, it is when you dig alittle deeper you find some cool features GG Poker offer.

We usually use GGPokers mobile client to mess around, and some of the cool features it has are the likes of the daily mission, in which you have to fulfil daily goals to be rewarded cash rewards. You can also find a tab to check the $100,000 tournament leaderboard from your mobile. It does take you off the app which isn’t ideal, but its definitely not a big problem. You can also find a tab with a link to PokerCraft on the mobile app for GG Poker, this also takes you away from the app which we think should be integrated, but other that that this is a great feature where you can check on loads of your stats.

We haven’t even mentioned the usual stuff like the standard tournament lobby, which is easy to navigate or the multi table feature that every poker site has now. We have tried to pick out the less than usual features to the GG Poker software, but it has all the standard features you would expect from a top 10 poker site.

Cashout Speeds

Unfortunately we haven’t been that successful, so we have only actually cashed out twice from GG Poker. Both times we used Bitcoin as a method to cashout. The first time we had received our cashout in less than 3 hours, the second time just under 14 hours. It stats that it can take upto 72 hours for a bitcoin cashout, but we found on both occasions it was far faster.

We did do a bit of research to see if we could find any complaints or discrepancies when it came to cashout speeds, and can happily report that everything GGPoker seems to stat with cashout speeds seems to be more than accurate.

The cashout speeds you can expect at GG Poker are: Less than 72 hours.

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GG Poker are fairly new to the poker scene only appearing in 2016. This hasn’t been a problem for GG Poker who has fast become one of the most popular online poker sites for Asian Poker players. In our opinion, the two main reasons for GGPoker’s success are the constant promotions they run and the unexplained large level of fish on this poker site. Which has meant alot of European players have been making good profit from playing some of the Noobs from Asia.

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