PKR Bonus Code 2013

PKR Poker Bonus – 100% Bonus Matchup to $800

PKR Poker has plenty of incentives to sign up a new player account, like being the most innovative next generation 3D poker site in the world, but new members can especially appreciate the 100% PKR Bonus up to $800 on the first deposit using the PKR bonus code “PNB”!

As an added bonus, you will also receive 6 free entry tickets to PKRs premium freerolls, including one ticket to the $1,000 weekly premium freeroll.

2013 PKR Bonus Code: PNB

PKR Bonus

Clearing your PKR Poker Bonus

Clearing your PKR bonus is as simple as playing real money poker. Every time you play a real-money cash game, or pay to enter a tournament, you are earning PKR Points. Every 225 points you collect is worth $1 of the bonus, released in one lump sum once the required points are earned. You have 60 days to complete clearing of the PKR bonus.

PKR awards all new members with an instant starter of 1,500 PKR points to get you going towards the clearing of your bonus. Points can also be used in the PKR store or for special tournament buy-ins.

Earning a Partial PKR Poker Bonus

Please be aware that you cannot earn a partial PKR bonus. If you do not collect the required number of PKR points in the next 60 days after depositing, no bonus will be awarded. However, you can deposit any amount you wish to receive a 100% match bonus.

The minimum qualifying deposit is just $10. If you are not an avid online poker player, you may be better off making a smaller first deposit. Read how PKR points are collected below to determine what size deposit you think you will be able to clear.

Obtaining the maximum PKR Poker Bonus

To earn the maximum PKR bonus, you will need to start with a deposit of $800. The 100% $800 bonus is directed to a pending bonus account. Your bonus will not be awarded until it is released in full, requiring 180,000 PKR points. You have 60 days to earn those points, so get cracking at the tables right away! You will need to average 3,000 PKR points a day to clear the full $800 PKR bonus. But don’t worry – PKR is very generous with their points.

Earning Points to Clear PKR Poker Bonuses

PKR may require a lot of points to clear its bonuses, but they also award a large sum of points for your real-money online poker player. The money you put into a pot will directly affect the points you get out of it. The more you contribute, the higher your points earnings will be. You get 100 PKR points for every $1 you contribute to the rake. So if you contribute 1/3 of the total pot size, and the rake is $3, you contributed $1 to the rake, earning 100 PKR points. The maximum points you can earn in a single hand is 300 PKR points.

Earn Bonus Clearing PKR Poker Points Playing Poker Tournaments.

Tournaments are a great way to accumulate those PKR points. Every $1 you spend on tournament fees grants 100 PKR points. For instance, a $25+$2.50 tournament would be worth 250 PKR points.

About PKR Poker

Established in 2007, PKR Poker was an instant success, presenting online poker players with a more genuine, 3D poker experience than ever witnessed in the industry. PKR isn’t for everyone, though. If you have a relatively slow connection or an old, dilapidated computer, you may not be able to keep up with the intense quality of PKR. But if you do, you will surely fall in love with the realistic characteristics of the avatars, like chip tricks, facial expressions and other body language. It really is just like playing poker in a live setting! And that’s not to mention PKRs multitude of promotional offerings, like reload bonuses, premium freerolls, satellites and much more.

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