Poker Sites That Offer High Stakes

More advanced poker players are constantly looking for a new challenge as they take to the tables, challenging their experience and strategy against bigger and better players in order to increase their own play.

Many of these players fail to be able to find the excitement of playing poker within the lower and mid stakes action and so they look to be able to play the game for more money per hand in order to increase the amount that they can win potentially.

So here we’ll cover the best sites for high stakes action so that if that’s what your looking for, you can find it easily.

Full Tilt Poker

$600 Full Tilt Bonus

High stakes action at Full Tilt Poker is complete unrivalled by any other online poker room due to them offering the highest stakes available and with their sponsored professional players gracing the tables with regular players just like you, you can truly challenge your ability.

With high stakes on offer on a huge number of poker variants, you will be able to find the game that you want at a stake to suit you.

Personal experience of the higher stakes at the site leave me drawing the conclusion that you should only head to the site if you are an advanced player who has more within their play strategies than to sit tight and wait for the premium hands otherwise you will find that the blinds will significantly reduce your bankroll before you know it.


$600 PokerStars Bonus

With PokerStars being the biggest online poker room, you have to expect that the site is going to have plenty of traffic to its highest staked section of the site so you will never be waiting too long to start that $200/$400 ring game that you want to get involved with.

As with Full Tilt Poker, you will find the sites sponsored professionals around and about the site, although not as often as you would with their rivals.

The site boasts so of the most dangerous online poker players in the world so you have to be able to show that you deserve to be within the sites highest section from the moment that you enter the action or risk being the target of one of your opponents.


$500 Party Bonus

PartyPoker can’t be ignored for their higher stake action simply due to the volume of players that they have at the site, although you will find a higher percentage of less advanced players than you would find on the two biggest poker rooms.

With a wide selection of games and poker variants to choose from, you won’t be stuck for what to play at the stakes you want, its more a matter of play your most familiar variant and head into battle.

Personal experience from this site leave me having to tell you that there is money to be made here for the right style of player and even though you are playing for higher stakes than normal, you will still find a good amount of poor players here.

High Stakes Poker Room Summary

Playing high stakes action can be split into two sections, the sort of high stakes that are going to offer you the opportunity to increase your bankroll and the type that is going to offer a challenge and help to improve your playing ability in the process.

So which would we recommend for you?

If you are looking to challenge your playing ability, you would be better suited to Full Tilt Poker and locking horns with some of the biggest names in the poker industry.

If you are looking for a type of high stakes poker that offers you the chance to increase your bankroll without too much of a challenge, you should definitely head to PartyPoker as the site offers less high profile players than the other two options.

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