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PokerStars, the biggest online poker website in the world recently announced that it will be implementing its successful ‘Seat Me’ system in its shared liquidity network in Europe once the French, Spanish, Italian, and Portugese pools converge in the coming months. Seat Me System Protects New Players PokerStarsRead Full Article

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French PokerStars

Back in July 2017, a ground-breaking agreement was been made between the gaming regulators in Portugal, Italy, Spain, and France in order to enable shared player pools between the four countries in order to boost online poker revenues. While no official announcement has been made regarding when sharedRead Full Article

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Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL), the French gaming regulator has called on its Italian counter-part to continue with its hustle and get things in place so that the shared liquidity agreement can proceed as per plan. Spain, Italy, France and Portugal started discussing the possibilityRead Full Article

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When France legalized and regulated online poker it came with a high price for French players, and perhaps an even higher price for the online poker rooms themselves. Online poker rooms must be licensed under the Autorite De Regulation Des Jeux En Ligne –which I will hence forthRead Full Article

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A snowball effect is happening in France over their new online poker regulations that require online poker sites to purchase a special –and expensive—license, and pay taxes to the French Government, in order to offer their services to French poker players. Additionally, players are only allowed to competeRead Full Article