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merge gaming rakeback

The rumors have been circling for quite some time now, and Carbon Poker users have now received confirmation via E-Mail that their rakeback deals will be coming to an end, and all players will be switched to the site’s VIP Rewards Program. Furthermore, according to the switchRead Full Article

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Last week, Congress conducted a hearing regarding online poker.  One of the main concerns brought up repeatedly in the hearing was consumer protection.  It was agreed by everyone that consumer protection needed to be one of the top priorities of any bill passed by Congress.  With that inRead Full Article

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The poker news website Subject: Poker, headed by 2+2 moderator Noah Stephens-Davidowitz (NoahSD), has been breaking a lot of Full Tilt Poker news since Black Friday –thanks to an inside source at the site—and there latest bombshell has sent the poker world into a tizzy. The latest breakingRead Full Article