Tom Dwan Wins $1.5 million in Sunday Night’s Session

Posted by Adam Grunwerg on Oct 07, 2010 Posted in High Stakes Poker News | 1 Comment »

Great news for Tom Dwan fans.  The 22 year old Full Tilt Poker Pro, who had been suffering a torrid time at the cash tables in recent weeks, is now up $1,500,000 after a few sessions of $500/$1,000 Pot Limit Omaha against Power Poker frontman Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies.

On Sunday night, Dwan hit the nosebleed $500/$1,000 Pot Limit Omaha Full Tilt Poker tables hoping to reprieve some of his recent losses. reports showed a downswing of over $790,000 in September. Although it could have been far worse had Tom Dwan not flipped over $1.5 million in profits against Sahamies on the last Sunday (which included a $415,996 pot that Dwan managed to win with an eight-high straight).

October tells a different story however. Dwan is now up $1.5m according to  Stacking up against dearth Norwegian Ziigmund at Full Tilt Poker, Dwan went on a blizzard run that included winning pots worth up to $416,000 each.

The key hand came when Sahamies had 5bet Drawn to $18,000 pre-flop. The board came 5-8-J with two hearts, “Ziigmund” c-bet the $36,000, only to be check-raised by Dwan for $144,000.  By now pot-committed, Sahamies shoved the rest of his stack (approximately $190,000) with a two pair, only to be snap-called by Dwan with an open-ended straight and flush draw.  The turn brought a four giving “Durrrr” the edge and the river blanked for Sahamies, shipping the $416,000 pot to Dwan.

Dwan won another $300,000 PLO pot with the roles reversed, this time Dwan running his top two-pair into Ziigmund’s flush draw and winning after running it twice on the river, Dwan won both accounts giving him in excess of $302,000.

Another big hand for Dwan continued as the young pro 5bet Ziigmund pre-flop, building a pre-flop pot worth over ¼ of a million dollars. Forcing Ziigmund all-in on the flop, Dwan flopped the nuts (Ace-high flush) and, with the river being dealt twice, Dwan scooped a $275,000 pot.

After a total of 1,000 hands, Dwan pocketed over $1.2 million against the Power Poker man Sahamies.  An additional $300,000 of winnings from other play left Dwan up $1.5 million for that Sunday night.  Whoever said that online poker was rigged?

This article was written by Adam at Poker eBooks.

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  1. Freddie Dweeb says:

    Durrrr got lucky again – he blows!

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