3 questions concerning the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker

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PokerStars versus Full TiltI’m probably getting a little bit ahead of myself here, but with PokerStars looking to have Full Tilt Poker back online within 90 days there are a few questions that players are going to want to have answered concerning the relaunch. In this article I’ll take a look at three questions that players contemplating a return to the site will likely want answered.

The following questions are not the only ones players will have as Full Tilt poker comes back online, but to me they are among the most interesting, if not the most important.

Will Full Tilt still offer Rakeback?

PokerStars is notoriously anti-rakeback, preferring to reward players based on the amount of volume they put in through their VIP Rewards Program, where Full Tilt Poker was far more socialistic in their approach to player rewards, using a flat rakeback payout and a flat VIP Rewards Program that was a major draw for low limit players who felt they were getting more value at Full Tilt.

So the question is; will PokerStars continue to run Fill Tilt Poker as a “fairer” site for small stakes players, offering some kind of flat rakeback deal?

Will Full Tilt implement a new VIP Program?

Speaking of Full Tilt Poker’s VIP Program; aside for the Ironman Program and the Black Card Program Full Tilt Poker was putting in place, on the whole the acquisition of Full Tilt Points (FTP’s) was one of the simplest in the online poker world, with no levels or escalating rewards for higher volume players.

Question #2 is; will PokerStars nuke the trifecta of rewards programs at Full Tilt (FPP’s, Iron Man, and Black Card) and implement the more common tiered rewards system?

What about the sponsored pros?

Full Tilt had an impressive roster of sponsored pros before Black Friday, and not just simply the main figures on the Team Full Tilt Poker roster. In addition to the Phil Ivey’s, Gus Hansen’s, and Tom Dwan’s from the main team the site also had a laundry list of “Red Pros” flying its banner.

PokerStars is obviously not against sponsoring poker players and must see some advantages to this marketing strategy, but will they have Full Tilt Poker basically take the same tact, or will they try to open doors to new markets by using an entirely different marketing approach?

The final question I have for PokerStars is; will they be bringing some of these pros back into the folds of Full Tilt Poker, or will they move the company’s marketing in a new, non-sponsored-pro direction?

Have any other questions you feel should have made the above list; feel free to post them HERE and let the poker community discuss them.


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