Jungleman12 says yes to Durrr Challenge

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A few days ago Poker News Boy reported an online conversation between Jungleman12 and Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan, where durrrr asked the unknown online poker phenom if he was interested in taking part in the Durrrr Challenge, and although the back and forth hinted towards this match going down the online poker world was left wondering if the match would take place.

Well, the wait lasted only a few days when Jungleman12 took to his blog on Cardrunners and after a lengthy post about this and that he answered the Durrr Challenge rumors with three simple words, “It’s going down!”

Jungleman12 has quickly worked his way up the online poker ranks, and gone from a break-even high-stakes player to one of the biggest winners at the nosebleed stakes: Since about March of 2010 Jungleman12 is up nearly $2 million playing against the stiffest competition in the world.

For those of you who haven’t been following the durrrr vs. Patrik Antonius challenge match the Durrrr Challenge is set up like this: After 50,000 hands the winning player not only keeps all money earned but is also paid a pre-determined sum by the loser, with durrrr laying 3-to-1 odds. So, should durrrr lose the challenge match he would pay an extra $1.5 million to Jungleman12: Should Jungleman12 lose durrrr would pocket an extra $500k.

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