Ultimate Bet Documentary set for Oct 22 release

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team ubAfter a few delays and much anticipation, on October 22nd, 2013 the poker world will finally be able to see the fruits of Scott “ElevenGrover” Bell’s labors, as his documentary Ultimate Beat: too much to lose is scheduled for release.

In addition to being released in a downloadable “Video on Demand” format, select persons have also been invited to one of two live premieres of the film that will take place in Las Vegas this week.

“Ultimate Beat: the truth is coming on October 22nd” is the message visitors to the Doublehead Pictures website are currently being met with, along with a press release that includes a brief overview of the film:

On October 22nd, Doublehead Pictures is proud to release ultimatebeat – too much to lose, a documentary film about insider fraud at online poker site UltimateBet.

The story tracks an intersection of old school hustlers and technology during the “poker boom”. After successfully launching a popular site, a group of insiders used software access to defraud players over a period of years without detection. When discovered, they went to great lengths to cover-up the crimes in order to repay less than the amount stolen.

Nobody was ever investigated, arrested, indicted or prosecuted for the crimes. The subtext is how a small group of players crowdsourced an online investigation to force the site into repaying far more than they intended, if not fully.

The film was financed by a small group of poker players and Kickstarter. It is the first feature from director Scott Bell who spent several years researching the subject before writing and producing the movie.

ultimatebeat – too much to lose will be released via Video on Demand format. Details on how to purchase and download the film will be available on the 22nd. Physical DVD formats and other forms of distribution are being considered for future release.

For further information, contact Doublehead Pictures

Bell was an instrumental figure in the investigation into the super-user scandal at Ultimate Bet from the outset, dedicating countless hours of his time to uncovering the truth behind the multi-million defrauding of online poker players.

The story has been unfolding for over five years now, and even to this day new evidence is constantly coming to light. Several times during production Bell had to reshape the film to include new revelations, and it’s likely that there will be plenty of addendums to the project in future years.

Further complicating the investigation –and its ability to bring about closure—was the fracturing of the early investigators into two separate camps, mainly regarding the culpability of certain key figures in the Ultimate Bet hierarchy.

It will be interesting to see how well Bell can weave the storyline together, and what types of conclusions he draws from the evidence he is privy to. Perhaps just as intriguing will be the critiques of the film, as the poker community has proven itself to be as tough on claims as peer-reviewed studies from the scientific community.


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