Let’s Recruit the Potheads to Save Online Poker

Posted by James Guill on Sep 29, 2011 Posted in Op-Ed | 1 Comment »

Upon looking at the whitehouse.gov’s list of petitions to the Obama administration tonight, I have finally come up with a way to get our voices hear regarding online poker.  Forget the Poker Player’s Alliance.  Forget Greg Raymer and all the talking heads on CNN.  What online poker needs is to mobilize the potheads.

Look At the Numbers

Some of you are rolling your eyes, but I am semi-serious.  Look at the number of petitions regarding pot online and the number of people that have signed them:

Legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana – 12,889

Legalize and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol – 42,526

Stop interfering with state marijuana legalization efforts – 11,760

Allow industrial hemp to be grown in the U.S. once again – 13,437

Give states the freedom to establish their own marijuana laws – 8,478

Allow US Disabled Military Veterans access to marijuana to treat PTSD – 1,032

Add the 11,670 people that want to end the “War on Drugs” and we have 101,792 potential signatures for our cause.  Granted, some of these people are likely voting on multiple petitions, but you get my point.  At the time of my writing this, there are 7,000 votes on the petition.  There are fourteen times more people petitioning to legalize pot than poker.

What Does That Say for Poker Players?

Seriously, what does the fact that over 100,000 potheads can come online and vote and only 7,000 poker players bother to vote on online poker?  Does that mean there are significantly more potheads than poker players?  Are they stuffing the ballot boxes?

Poker players and lobbyist talk and talk about making your voice heard regarding online poker, but when it comes down to doing something, we seem to fall short.  This petition that takes only a couple of minutes to sign doesn’t even have the numbers of a decent online tournament pre-April 15th on Pokerstars.

Do you really want to play online poker?  Do you really want to fight for the game?  Or are you just wanting it to magically happen?  We make fun of potheads and their antics and of “medical marijuana” use, but they are at least making their voice heard.  Where are our voices?  Maybe we should offer a bowl of weed for every pothead that votes for the online poker petition and see how that will affect numbers.

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One Response to “Let’s Recruit the Potheads to Save Online Poker”

  1. Steve Ruddock says:

    If only potheads could be mobilized!Well, there is one way to make sure they show up –hire Phish to play and make “Free Sample” signs :)I kid my pothead friends, I kid

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