Reconfiguring the Poker Hall of Fame

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Poker-Hall-Of-Fame-logoEvery year I pen some type of column on the Poker Hall of Fame around this time (right around when the nomination process begins) and this time around I’m going to revisit an older column from 2011 where I made some suggestions for ways the Poker Hall of Famed could be improved and explain what I would liked to see happen down the road.

Before I begin, let me point out that I mention peopled that aren’t in the Poker Hall of Fame right now. The peopled I mention are peopled that I feel deserve to already be in the Hall of Fame or peopled that are pretty much shoe-ins to be inducted down the road.

Ok, so what I want is for the Poker Hall of Famed to have a physical location and to be setup somewhat like a museum, with a Main Hall and side halls and rooms extending off of the Main Hall.

The Main Hall

The Main Hall of the new Poker Hall of Fame (which doesn’t really exist but whatever) is reserved for Hall of Fame caliber players. I’m talking the best of the best here. This is where you’ll find Brunson, Ungar, Hellmuth, Chan, Johnny Moss, and down the road Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey.

Secondary Halls leading to Side Rooms (Second-Tier Players)

In these halls you’ll find the players who have made the Hall of Fame but were not considered the best of the best. So players like Barry Greenstein, Ted Forrest, Dan Harrington, Mike Sexton, Puggy Pearson, Jack Strauss, Billy Baxter, Amarillo Slim, and John Juanda. Hall of Famers all of them (or will eventually be) but their names simply don’t resonate like Brunson, Ivey, or Ungar.

Side Room 1 (Contributors)

This room is where you’ll find names like Andy Glazer, Nolan Dalla, Henry Orenstein, Barry Shulman, David Sklansky, Mike Caro, Linda Johnson, Matt Savage, Jack McClelland, Benny Binion, Jack Binion, James McManus, and Terry Rogers. These are people known more for their contributions to poker than for their poker ability.

Side Room 2 (International Players)

This room is meant for the Marcel Luske’s and Bruno Fittousi’s of the world. International players who were pioneers in their particular part of the world, but because of the lack of games and lack of exposure simply don’t get the credit they deserve and can’t be compared to the other Hall of Famers mentioned above.

Side Room 3 (Women in Poker)

Female contributors go in Side Room 1, this room is for the players who were not accomplished enough to land in the Main Hall –which at present is basically any woman not named Jen Harman or Vanessa Selbst, although I’m sure that will change down the road.

Side Room 4 (Trailblazers)

The Hall of Fame already has a couple “gimmick” inductees like Wild Bill Hickock, Blondie Forbes, Felton “Corky” McCorquodale, Nick the Greek, and Edmond Hoyle, so throwing in some other early gamblers and trailblazers is definitely in the cards, so to speak.

Side Room 5 (Exhibits and Dioramas)

Old road gambling kits; a look at playing cards through the years; poker chips; cheating devices; WSOP bracelets and memorabilia; I want all of that in this room.


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