Kathy Libert and BJ Nemeth square off in a Twitter Prop Bet

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Starting Monday night, Kathy Liebert and BJ Nemeth are starting a $200 prop bet that requires the two not to tweet for an undetermined amount of time.  The bet arose after a week of Liebert regularly tweeting about football online.  Nemeth is known for overuse of twitter during arguments as well, and so the bet was born.

Neither of the two are permitted to tweet, with the exception of BJ granting Kathy a special exemption if she is in fact the notorious @AsianSpa.  The bet begins at Midnight Monday.  Today, I will break down this prop bet and give you my expected winner.

Bet Means More to Nemeth Than Liebert

BJ has stated early on that the bet between him and Liebert is large enough for him to take “seriously,” yet not large enough to guarantee an extended vacation.  Nemeth is not a professional player by any means, so $200 is a reasonable prize to shoot for.

With that said, the boy does love to argue.  I can attest to that after several arguments between the two of us and watching some classic battles with other people.  It makes me wonder if he can abstain from giving his opinion should a major issue either in the online poker world or in normal life crops up during this bet.

Liebert Could Care Less About the Money

Liebert has said that she could really care less about $200.  Considering her lifetime earnings in the game, this should come as no shock to anyone.

With that said, she is competitive and she could take a hard stance on this just to prove that she can do it.  Of course, she could just as well get bored within 5 minutes and throw a tweet out for the lulz.

We all know Kathy has an opinion as well.  If something controversial happens in the online poker world this week, you can give the advantage to Nemeth.  If something happens involving Howard Lederer or Full Tilt, just go ahead and ship the $200 to Nemeth.

Liebert for the Win – If She Doesn’t Get Overly Bored

Sorry BJ, but I have to go with Kathy on this one.  And for the record, I get a free dinner if Kathy wins the prop bet.  So yes, maybe I have a bit of a bias here.  Then again, I can’t see BJ not giving his opinion for longer than 3 days at a time.  Granted, if Kathy gets ultra bored this week, I may be out of dinner.


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