Two poker pros will slug it out at the 2012 WSOP

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If a recent Twitter exchange is to be believed, there are apparently two more young poker pros who are trying to prove that the life of a professional poker player makes you tough. Daniel “jungleman12” Cates and high-stakes British poker pro Andrew Feldman are seemingly trying to arrange a fight of some sorts at the upcoming World Series of Poker based on the following Twitter exchange initiated by Cates:

“So you still want to do the fight? Let’s schedule for this WSOP perhaps? #Ringmatch” wrote Cates on his Twitter account. Which Feldman replied to with the following short, but sweet, Tweet, “Sure let’s do it! #hu4rollz”

No word as of yet as to what type of fight the two will take part in –boxing, MMA, wrestling, perhaps a food fight, who knows? But after posting a link to the obligatory thread on 2+2 that sprouted about the potential match Feldman wrote the following on his Facebook account after someone asked “I thought you was broken?”, “fully recovered, going gym 4 times a week and having a personal boxing trainer :)” So it seems that the two will likely be boxing. Cates also replied on the Facebook post, saying, “we should schedule details on skype if you want to do it,”

This wouldn’t be the first match of this sort (not to mention the numerous “unsanctioned” fights that have occurred between poker players, such as Sam Grizzle and Phil Hellmuth or more recently Martin Finger and Jonathan Duhamel), considering in recent years Gus Hansen has gotten into the boxing ring against Theo Jorgensen, Chino Rheem and Poker Logic exec Tom Hall also sparred one another, and just a few months ago Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Lex Veldhuis squared-off in a kickboxing match.

For the record: Hellmuth was allegedly punched out by Grizzle; Finger sucker-punched Duhamel outside of a club and then ran off; Gus was resoundingly beaten by Jorgensen, Hall obliterated Chino, and Veldhuis TKO’ed ElkY.

As silly as I find two poker players fighting in some strange version of a prop-bet, how can you not eat this up! I should also mention that the idea of two poker players fighting is much more exciting than two poker players challenging each other to a heads-up match which proves next to nothing.

My “expert” opinion on the fight is that Feldman seems much smaller than Cates (much smaller), so even with a boxing trainer he is going to have a very hard time dealing with a significantly larger opponent – If I were to ponder a guess Feldman looks to be somewhere between 5’ 7” and 5’ 10” and maybe 160lbs on a good day: Cates seems to be closer to 6’ and looks as if he weighs 180-200lbs.

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