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In addition to straight news websites, poker enthusiasts also like to know what is going on inside the poker world, following their favorite poker players, personalities, and poker insiders’ blogs, which is where the list of the 65 most popular poker blogs comes in.

This list of the 65 best poker blogs is a first of its kind, and a much needed list at that, since poker blogs are quickly becoming the go-to outlet for all of the gossip and the breaking stories in the poker world. That said, it can be quite a chore finding the better poker blogs out there due to the sheer number that are in existence (and often times low ranking by Google because they are after all blogs), which is why has decided to release their list of 65 most popular blogs in poker. The list compiled by is the “Hits” list of poker blogs, putting all of the best and most popular poker blogs in one easy-to-find place. has broken their blog-list into two distinct categories, allowing players to quickly find the poker blog they are looking for. The categories include Poker Industry/Media Blogs and Top Professional Poker Player Blogs. Generally the media type blogs focus on the story behind the story you read at major poker news outlets, including the author’s opinions. Professional poker player blogs often include travel stories, tournament and hand results, as well as their personal opinions on major stories taking place in the poker world.

Furthermore, each blog listed on offers a brief description of the content contained within, as well as a little bit of background on the author –since poker bloggers tend to shun basic names like PokerNews, and instead choose witty names like the Tao of Poker authored by the noted poker author Dr. Pauly, or one of the poker blogosphere’s top ensemble blogs Pokerati. also makes it very clear that this is not a ranking system; the blogs are simply listed randomly based on when they were discovered. This keeps the politics of the poker world out of the equation, as offers an honest assessment of these blogs, and doesn’t simply give preferential treatment to partner sites.

As more top poker blogs are unearthed you can be certain that will add them to their list, bringing you the most comprehensive list of poker blogs on the Internet.

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