Chiliconnect – An Impressive Add-On from Chilipoker

Alexandre Dreyfus, a French entrepreneur, launched Chilipoker in November 2006. The group of directors at the site is formed by internet entrepreneurs, who have experience of launching various successful online ventures. The main aim of the site is to offer safe and fair gaming products to the clients.

The group has bases at many geographical locations like Sliema (in Malta), Alderney and London. This enables them to offers efficient customer support and decent phone support.  ChiliPoker offers a great new add-on called Chiliconnect.  It really is a game changer for online poker, and sometime down the road, I think more sites will be adding something similar.

chilipoker chili connect

Chiliconnect – What is it?

Chiliconnect is a handy add-on offered only by You do not need to separately register for Chiliconnect, as the add-on can automatically recognize you based on your Chilipoker password and username. Currently players can use it only through internet explorer, but Chiliconnect is compatible with other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox and the subsequent versions will most probably be usable through all the popular browsers.

Chiliconnect enables you to connect with all your friends on Chilipoker and track their activities in real time. You can stay informed about the tournaments your friends are taking part in and join in the fun. You can also challenge any Chilipoker members and play against them. Chiliconnect also enables you to inform friends about your latest achievements by publishing a message on your Facebook wall. The message can be customized before publishing. Chiliconnect is compatible not just with Facebook, but also with other social networks like Twitter and the list is likely to get longer in the coming months.

The best thing about Chiliconnect is that it enables you to challenge any Chilipoker player at real money games. Creating a challenge hardly takes a few seconds and it can be immediately sent to players on Chilipoker network. Also you need not worry about any kind of fees or commission as Chilipoker ensures automatic fund transfer and settlement of challenge free of cost. Another great thing about Chiliconnect is that it enables you to swap your tournament risk with other Chilipoker players. You can swap up to forty percent of shares before or during the tournament.

Linking Chiliconnect and Facebook

Even without a Facebook account, you can use Chiliconnect to challenge your friends for a game. But in order to take advantage of all the amazing features offered by Chiliconnect, you will need a Facebook account. Linking your Facebook account to Chiliconnect is very easy. All you need to do is click on the ‘Connect to Facebook’ button, which will be visible when you visit Chiliconnect for the first time. After clicking you will be asked to enter your Facebook username and password. As soon as you enter this information, your Chiliconnect and Facebook accounts will be linked.

By choosing the ‘keep me logged in’ option you can avoid the need to enter the password every time you wish to login. You need not worry about your privacy as no information will be published on Facebook without your authorization. You can choose to inform your Facebook friends about your latest achievement in challenges, cash games or tournaments by opting to publish such information on your wall.

Connecting with Friends through Connect Players

You can add friends to your Chiliconnect list with the help of Connect Players. There is no limit to the number of Chilipoker friends you can add to your Chiliconnect list. Adding friends is very easy. You just need to go to your list and click on ‘add a player..’. But you need to know a player’s nickname for this purpose. Once on your list, you will be able to see all the information and results about these players and vice versa. Signing up for Chiliconnect is free and quick. Chiliconnect can offer you access to a large number of handy features for an amazing online gaming experience.

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