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Yesterday was officially a year old, and to celebrate we launched the PNB Poker Forum, and to top that, today we got an exclusive Interview with the Online Tournament Legend Chris “Moorman1” Moorman.

Chris Moorman Interview

PNB: I think you have slide down to 17th in the yearly ranking on p5’s, after years at being in the top 3. Is that because you are taking it easy this year or are you just finding it harder to focus now that you have achieved everything possible in online.

Moorman: The thing with the rankings is that they are based quite a bit on volume and a few months ago my volume was significantly reduced with the WSOP being on. Its only in the last month or so that I’ve really upped my volume again. That being said my results lately haven’t been on par with recent times, I would say this is mainly due to running bad deep right now, In ftops I think I had 7 or 8 cashes. in the series including a 14th in the 1k, things just haven’t been happening for me deep in tourneys in 2010, I’ve analysed my game a lot and tweaked some things and am currently happy with how I’m playing and am confident its just a matter of time before things turn around. I’m still trying as hard as ever to be at the top.

PNB: So you still have goals you want to acheive playing online tournaments or has your focus shifted to live events now?

Moorman: Maybe not specific goals online anymore, but the simple fact is that I love winning, anytime I log on and play a session online, I wanted to win something even if  its just a $50 freezeout for example. Obviously my live goals are a lot more specific as I still haven’t had success in that field. Hopefully I can change that as I have a big live schedule coming up over the next month. I want to win something.

PNB: So what do you think are your stengths and weaknesses at the poker table? Winning over 5.5 million in Online Tournament Winnings you must have some pretty awesome strengths.

Moorman: I think one of my main strengths is consistency, I will very rarely play a session and play awful, I mean sure I’ll make big mistakes etc but they won’t be because I messed up completely, I’ll always have some pretty sound reasoning behind it even if it happens to be  wrong that time. Also I’ve got a lot of experience in situations and am good at using my image to my advantage. Obviously like anyone I still have weaknesses and they probably include not going with my heart enough and not changing gears as well as I’d like too at times.

PNB: Every year you head to Vegas, and are probably not long back from this years WSOP. So where is the next journey to and where do you look foward to going the most?

Moorman: As i said previously I have a hectic live schedule over the next month which will include EPT Villimoura, The Partouche main event, The EPO, WSOPE and EPT London. Vegas is obviously always a great trip especially with the huge number of British players travelling each year who all tend to get on with each other really well. Im going to New Zealand in october which I did last year, I like that trip because its very chilled out there and i get to live with a lot of people who are on a similar schedule to me and are all sound lads.

PNB: So do you have any interesting stories you can reveal from this years trip to Vegas? I was talking to Stevie (AllinStevie) and he said none that could go to print.

Moorman: Yeh that sounds about right, I’ll have to tell u a few when we next meet. I have one printable one i guess where as you know Stevie (Allinsteive) is a bit of an animal when it comes to drinking and after an all night session he went and played a $1500 event at the WSOP and carried on with a day session. Needless to say it didn’t end up in a bracelet and he was actually reported on pokernews as the guy who couldn’t find his table on the way back from a toilet break.

PNB: So what was it like when you got the call from the Legend Doyle Brunson asking to become one of the first Brunson10 and became one of the pro’s at Doyles Room?

Moorman: Yeh that was pretty unreal, my agent Lars Kollind (poker icons) had told me they were interested and I had spoke to their people quite a bit but only when I got the call did it really sink in and I’m just trying to the best I can do for them considering the faith they’ve place in me from picking me as one of the Brunson 10.

PNB: Do you spend most of your time on Doyles Room now and how do you find there software and opponents there?

Moorman: I try to play there as often as I can, the software is not the best at the moment but they are working hard to improve that, the games however are some of the softest around at the moment and I’ve been doing ok in some HU cash games on there.

PNB: So whats it like at home? Do you still get stick from your dad about him passing you in live tournament prize money?

Moorman: Yeh he still chirps about that, but I’m close to passing him now! I’ve only played about 60 more live tournaments though! At the moment I’m sharing a place with James ‘The Doctor’ Dempsey so hopefully a bit of his live success this summer can rub off on me.

PNB: All joking aside, it must have been a proud moment for you when you dad won the GUKPT in Manchester. Atleast you know where you got you ability to play poker from.

Moorman: lol yeh it was such a great feeling, I can honestly say at the time I was happier that he won than me, Nowadays though I wish it was me as its all I ever get asked about! As a kid my family were always playing card games and that and I think it made me really competitive which has obviously helped me a ton with climbing the poker ladder.

PNB: I remember meeting you at the Irish Open in Dublin, and one of the funniest things I heard that weekend was you talking about the conversation you had with your mum, where she had told you to stop playing live poker as you weren’t good enough and should stick to online poker with the amateurs. Does your mum still think that, or does she think your good enough yet to compete with the live players?

Moorman: Im afraid to say I still haven’t reached the same level as a live pro in her eyes. Maybe I should start taking some of her advice, and ‘cheat’ by wearing sunglasses when I play live poker.

PNB: So whats next in store for Moorman1? Where do you want to take the legacy that is Moorman1 to next?

Moorman: 8 game. I’ve been playing all the games a bit lately and after WCOOP is finished I’m going to really focus my attention on each of the individual games and seek coaching for them. By the time the WSOP rolls around I’ll hopefully be extremely competent in all of the games and have a lot more shots at success in Vegas next year. The fields are so much smaller in the mixed game events and I Think there is also a lot more dead money if you are a really strong player, Those fields are a lot more desirable to me than  2000-3000 player fields in the small NLH events.

PokerNewsBoy would like to thank Chris for taking the time out his busy grinding schedule to give us this Interview and wish him all the best in his upcoming live events. And if you wish to join Moorman1 at the online tables remember to sign up to Doyles Room using our exclusive Doyles Room Bonus Code to get a great deposit bonus.

You can also catch Moorman1 in the PNB Forum the odd time. But we have set up a Chris Moorman thread if you want to ask him any questions.

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