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Experience the Convenience of No Download Poker Sites

No download poker sites offer a convenient advantage over traditional sites requiring software to be downloaded by the user. Many people don’t like to download certain software onto their personal computer systems. In other cases the software is poorly compatible with the individual’s OS.  Most poker sites offer a no download (aka “instant play”) option now and more are offering this option every day.

Mac, Unix, Linux, and Ubuntu Users

Without an option for no download play Mac, Unix, Linux, and Ubuntu users have had to search for sites offering software specifically designed for compatibility with those particular systems. Existing software either had to be heavily modified or proved to be unusable altogether. No download poker sites rely on Flash or Java based play which is usable on just about any platform from Windows to Ubuntu to your mobile phone.

Increased Security

Since there are no downloads to worry about there is virtually no chance of the player infecting their computer with a virus, worm, or other internet pitfall. The software is housed locally on the casino’s server. For the many people out there who just prefer not download unnecessary software onto their systems this is an added comfort. It also allows the player to access his game quickly from any computer by going to the casino’s site and logging in. If the player uses a public computer room this is certainly the fastest, safest method of play for them.

Fast Access

With no download poker sites there is no time wasted waiting on the software to download or for the occasional patch to go through. Once the player has an account they are ready to play instantly as soon as they log in. Game software is maintained and housed locally having the additional benefit of making no download play not just faster to access, but faster in general. The burden of running the game is on the casino’s server not the players. As such even players with relatively slow internet speeds or older computer systems can enjoy fast play with no download poker.


Unlike casino games requiring the download of around 5 MB of software no download casino games require as little as 2 MB and can be supported by nearly every OS out there. Players can access their casino from a much larger range of devices quickly and securely. It takes a matter of seconds to log into their favorite casino from any site. There is also the added benefit of not having to hassle with existing firewalls.

Players find no download poker sites to be convenient and offer fast access to their favorite games. The format is more secure than traditional games requiring the player to download software onto each computer they wish to play from. Game play is faster than the average found when playing down-loadable versions of casino games since the program is run on the casino’s server, not the players system. Most of the available online casinos today offer no download play options to their customers.

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