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When it comes to finding the best online poker rooms on the Internet one of the first places you should be looking is at online casinos that also offer online poker rooms. Online casinos are the breeding grounds of some of the biggest fish in online poker, so any poker room associated with a casino is going to have a higher fish-to-grinder ratio, and here is why.

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The one thing every poker player knows is that people who make big scores (be it in a poker tournament, at the craps tables, on a slot machine, or even hitting ten-team parlay) often like to test their skills at the poker tables, and since they are now flush with money, they tend to test their skills in games far above their acumen! And these are ideal marks for solid, winning, poker players.

While any online casino that also offers poker is likely to have quite a few of these whales this doesn’t mean that every casino with a poker room is a great place to play. In this article I’ll take a look at what you should be looking for from an online casino that offers online poker, and how to make sure you get the best bang for your buck at these sites.

Choosing an online poker room shouldn’t be as simple as finding the biggest deposit bonus or best-trafficked site: There are several factors that should go into your decision beyond the fact that the poker room has an attached casino. Here is a look at some of the questions you should be asking in order to find the best online casino that also offers poker:

Is it easy for casino players to quickly transfer their funds into the poker room?

This is extremely important when it comes to fish at the poker tables. If a player at the site’s casino hits a Slots Jackpot or wins big at Online Blackjack and decides he wants to play $10/$20 No Limit Holdem he needs to be able to get that money transferred from the casino to the poker room in a few mouse clicks, otherwise he simply won’t play poker!

If the site requires a separate deposit to play poker there is very little chance that this person is going to withdraw his casino winnings, redeposit them in the poker room, and then blow off $10,000. He’ll likely either cash-out his winnings, or blow it off playing blackjack or slots. The site has to make transferring money between the casino and the poker room as easy as possible, in order to make sure that their casino patrons who hit it big can find their way to the sites poker tables.

Is the poker room an afterthought?

Some online gaming sites add a poker room just to give off the appearance of being a well-rounded online gaming site, when the reality of the matter is that the poker room is a mere afterthought. You can spot these places very easily by their outdated software, lack of traffic, and paltry bonuses and promotions. These are the sites you want to avoid for so many reasons.

Sites of this ilk not only don’t cater to poker players, they really don’t care about you either, so problems will often go unaddressed and you’ll find your contact with customer support takes far too long and gets far too few results. All of this is in addition to the terrible software, poor traffic, and lack of promotions they offer.

This doesn’t mean that you need to find a Top 10 poker room with a casino, but you should make sure that the site either operates on a larger poker network, or has enough poker traffic to make the site reinvest in and market their poker room.

A quick visit to the site’s homepage should tell you everything you need to know on this front: Does the website put poker front and center with its casino, or are the poker room details buried on some subpage?

Does the casino have a lot of traffic?

Going along with the above point, as a poker player you want to make sure the casino has a lot of traffic, since our hope is that players will hit big and find their way over t the poker tables. If the casino is the afterthought these instances (where a whale comes in and blows a few thousand dollars) will be too far in between to be of any real value to you.

On the other hand, if the casino is heavily trafficked than you will not only have more instances of players hitting jackpots and bets with long-shot odds, but you’re also more likely to see players who are almost completely unfamiliar with poker, who are just trying what they believe to be another casino game.

Does the poker room have adequate traffic?

Of course, a heavily trafficked online casino isn’t going to do you any good if the poker room is a ghost town! This is why you want to make sure that the traffic at the site (again the poker room doesn’t have to be one of the biggest on the Internet in order for there to be some profit to be had) is adequate enough to keep a good selection of games going around the clock.

If a player makes a big score in the casino and they click over to the poker room and see five short-handed tables and three other tables with a single player sitting they are very unlikely to sit down and play. Solid traffic in the poker room is an absolute must; both for your own profitability and to attract the fish.

Does the Casino offer a good signup bonus?

A good signup bonus is an attractant for new players, and new players tend to try different games, including poker. Even if a player is unfamiliar with poker, a quick perusal of the rules shows what looks to be a very basic game, and I’ve never seen a “brand new” player not blow off at least 2-buy-ins before calling it a day.

Is the site licensed by a reputable regulatory body?

The final aspect you should be looking for when choosing an online casino that offers poker is perhaps the very first thing you should actually check when you visit the site: Is the site licensed and regulated by a reputable body?

You should be able to quickly locate this information at the site (there will usually be a logo at the bottom of a site’s homepage showing their licenses or in their “about” page) and should be leery of any site where this information is buried or extremely hard to find.

You can also do a quick Internet search looking for complaints against the poker room, but always do a thorough search as there are many shills who post on poker and gaming forums besmirching online gaming sites in an effort to get players to sign-up at the site they promote!


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