Global Poker Launches Global Poker Gold Rush Tournament For Augus

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Global Poker, the social poker site is offering players a new promotion that was launched from August 1 and will run till the end of the month to help players accumulate Gold Coins.

Global Poker is a subsidiary of an Australian company called VGW Holdings Limited and offers a type of virtual currency in the form of gold coins or virtual chips that are used for free-to-play gambling games. Since its launch in 2010, Global Poker has made its way into the top 10 sites worldwide by way of total player volume. It is also among the fastest growing sites for U.S. players.

The site’s new promotional offer features a Gold Rush Leaderboard which is applicable to their Gold Coin games. Here players get the opportunity to play for Gold Coin prizes and a place on the leaderboard. The leaderboards are currently available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

As a part of this exciting promotion, Global Poker is planning on offering 50,000 Gold Coins daily, plus another 250,000 weekly and another 1,000,000 monthly. Players participating in Gold Coin cash games will accumulate points for every hand won but won’t drop points for losing. For players, one of their biggest advantages at Global Poker is that they can move up the leaderboard regardless of the stakes they put in.

Based on the model followed by Global Poker, Gold Coins in themselves cannot be redeemed for cash though they function in the same way as play money chips in other gaming sites, and can be accumulated and used for playing different games. In addition to Gold Coins, players also receive bonus sweepstakes prizes called $weeps Cash as trade promotions.

The $weeps Cash can be utilized to enter the various $weeps Cash tournaments offered by the site as well as any other ongoing ring games. Players can cash out $weeps Cash as real cash prizes through PayPal.

Players looking to get a head start in accumulating Gold Coins in the latest promotion can participate in the ongoing Gold Coin Challenges. By achieving daily 50 Gold Coin flops, players will be able to go up the leaderboard and also get access to $weeps Cash of $20,000 in guaranteed tournaments.

The payout structure that players receive under the Gold Rush Leaderboards has also been announced. Those making it to the first place in the daily leaderboard will win 10,000 coins, 50,000 for the weekly prize and 200,000 for the monthly prize. A second-place finish in the daily leaderboard will receive 8,250 coins, 30,000 coins for the weekly and 140,000 for the monthly. Those finishing third in the daily leaderboard will get 6,750 coins, 20,000 coins in case of the weekly leaderboard and 90,000 for the monthly leaderboard.


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