Carbon Poker absorbs struggling Aced Poker

Posted by Steve Ruddock on May 05, 2010 Posted in Poker Industry News | 2 Comments »

The Poker Fish Blog announced a few days ago that Aced Poker will be closing its doors on May 7th 2010, ending the sites run on the Merge Gaming Network that began in August 2008. Citing no advertising push, stagnant traffic numbers, and slower than usual payouts, the struggling online poker room was by no means a major player in the market, it wasn’t exactly one of the top ten poker sites.

However, this info was later corrected stating that Aced Poker would actually not be closing down but rather just change owners. The company that owns Carbon Poker and PDC Poker will become the new owners.

Aced Poker’s one big coup was its brief signing of 2006 WSOP Champion Jamie Gold, which lasted all of three months. The two parties split after some untold grievances, and considering Gold’s track record it’s hard to pin the blame on Aced Poker.

The author of the post KevinG stated his optimism that another Merge Poker room would absorb the struggling site, and today the same blog announced that Carbon Poker would be purchasing Aced Poker allowing Aced poker players a seamless transition to a new poker room on the same network.

As The Poker Fish Blog is our only source on this story –A long search of other Internet sites and poker forums turned up no corroborating evidence for the report– the entire account is still in the speculation stage. You can count on Poker News Boy to keep you up to date on this rumor and provide evidence to either confirm or deny this story in the coming days.

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2 Responses to “Carbon Poker absorbs struggling Aced Poker”

  1. Graham says:

    At what point did Aced ever state that they would be closing their doors? I would love to see something in writing from an Aced email address, as I can tell you that it never went out. Please try and get your facts straight as posting something like this is making one of your partners (PDCPoker) look bad.

  2. If you read the full post it actually says “Aced Poker would actually not be closing down but rather just change owners.”

    And PokerNewsBoy has been built to report Poker News not pick and choose what players should and shouldn’t know about. However, I still don’t see how this affect PDC.

    But thanks for posting.

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