Is Doyles Room leaving the Cake Poker Network?

Posted by Steve Ruddock on Jan 18, 2011 Posted in Poker Industry News | No Comments » broke this story, and although this is far from official –although PartTimePoker has had it confirmed by several sources– all signs are pointing to Doyles Room joining a long line of its predecessors who have left the Cake Poker Network over the past year or so.

As PartTimePoker points out, there have been a number of red flags raised, pointing toward the imminent departure of Doyles Room:

·    A rash of problems with affiliate Rake Race payments from Doyles Room, which Doyles Room support blames on the Cake Poker Network
·    The site has been unavailable for download for some two weeks

Not to mention that Cake Poker recently lost Lee Jones and Adanthar over what they only termed as; “not being happy with the direction the company was going”.

The loss of Doyles Room would be crushing to the once prominent, but now struggling network of online poker rooms –with Doyles Room being the network’s largest site. Cake was at one point challenging for a top 10 spot on, which tracks online poker traffic at virtually every poker site/network, until the loss of Lock Poker, followed by Sportsbook Poker and some lesser sites, dropped them out of the top 20!

These room losses were followed by two more negative incidents: cracking Cake Poker’s encryption, and finally the departure of Jones and Adanthar.

One possible landing spot for Doyles Room would be the Cereus Poker Network –UB Poker and Absolute Poker—and PartTimePoker points to a recent tweet by Doyle Brunson that has the godfather of poker in Costa Rica –where UB Poker is located. Not to mention that Joe Sebok blogged about huge changes for the Cereus Poker Network beyond the signing of Prahlad Friedman:

“A whole new marketing direction will be another new addition in 2011, so get set for that change as well.  We are going to be redefining what UB is, what poker is, and what it is to be a member of the strongest online poker community there is.  There will be new additions to the game client, some incredible new functionality that you’ve only just dreamed of yet, and more little nuggets that I don’t quite want to let out of the bag yet.  Let’s just say that we are going to be bringing more of the feel and nuances of live poker directly into your online UB experience, so buckle up…

A lot more surprises and changes are in the coming this year, and I think that all of you are going to be very pleasantly surprised at how we are pushing the envelope for you for now, as well as the future.  Here’s to 2011 and here’s to innovation…”

I’m pretty sure bringing the tremendous player base of Doyles Room, along with Brunson himself and the Brunson 10 would fit into what Sebok just said!

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