Merge Poker Network sees a 160% traffic increase after adding new

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How successful has the migration of,, and been for the Merge Poker Network? Well, the network has jumped from 20th to 17th in just 1 week! The 160% increase in traffic reported by has other Merge network poker rooms in ecstasy, as the network is actually approaching 1,000 real-money cash-game players at peak times.

Sportsbook, SuperBook and PlayersOnly’s previous home, the Cake Poker Network, saw their traffic numbers decline after the network switch, losing some 16% of their traffic, but still holding the #10 spot in online poker traffic rankings according to This is largly due to the fact that Doyles Room has been gaining in strength over recent months, thanks to the great Doyles Room Bonus Code that players can use when downloading.

This is great news for US poker players since our options have been extremely limited; basically US players who were looking for any type of game selection had a choice between Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Bodog Poker, and one of the Cake Poker Network’s rooms. Now, US players can add a number of poker rooms to that list from the US-friendly Merge Poker Network. More choices lead to more competition, which leads to better promotions for online poker players.

Another US-friendly, the Everleaf Network, has also been making a strong push in recent months, and now holds the 18th spot according to Most of the success of Everleaf has come from the addition of Victory Poker, which has taken the poker world by storm with its promotions and number of big-name signings. Some of the other popular Everleaf poker rooms are Everleaf Poker, Gloss Poker, Minted Poker, and Raider Poker.

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One Response to “Merge Poker Network sees a 160% traffic increase after adding new sites”

  1. stefaan says:


    Please be aware that the Merge poker network is very keen to close accounts that have money on!

    I have been playing online poker since 2002 and never have i seen anything like this!!!

    In 2009 i joined CarbonPoker ( Merge network ) i played a bit but nothing too big i think that i deposited arround $400 in total and cashed out about $1.000 over the time, i sent in proof of ID ecta and all was well untill i made a $500 deposit the other day to receive a special bonus and play for the rakerace.

    Today i tried to log in and got this message, ‘your account has been suspended please contact support’.

    So i did as i had no idea what this was about, this is the response i received from CarbonPoker:

    Dear *******,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Our management team have reviewed your account and have deemed that it will remain inactive. If you open any new accounts they will also be closed.

    You have created 4 accounts on the network over the past months and this in breach of the Merge gaming T&C.

    As per our house rules, management reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the user and our site.

    Management decision is final and no further correspondence will be entertained on this matter.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. We are always here to help you. Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any additional questions in relation to this or any other matter. Your reference ID for this email is LTK617****04X; please quote this number in any further communication on this subject.

    Kind regards,

    Paula Sherwood

    CarbonPoker Support

    Now what is this??? yes i seem to have 4 accounts ( 2 where i deposited ) on the network Carbon, Reefer, bigbet & aced but i never cheated in any way, i used my true details on all and verified my ID on both accounts that i played for real money!

    I get the feeling that the scammers that own Merge have an urgent need for cash as they closed both my real money accounts ( strangely enough i can still open the 2 accounts that had no cash in it ) and took in total $942 away from me!

    I had no idea that reefer was also on the same network as carbon when i joined and i never received any warning or request in any way shape or form!

    Just be carefull on Merge it seems like they need cash urgently

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