Partypoker Will No Longer Charge An Inactivity Fee Based On Playe

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Partypoker had a goal to restablish its brand and become a major force in the online poker market two years ago and has done exactly that by rolling out a number of changes in recent months that has made the online poker room extremely popular with its players. The online poker operator recently upset PokerStars at the EGR gaming awards and won the ‘Poker Operator of the Year’ award that PokerStars had captured for three consecutive years.

One of the key methods that has helped partypoker once again become a dominant force in the online poker industry is because the partypoker management has continued to stress on the importance of listening to player feedback and then making changes that reflect that feedback. PokerStars on the other hand has been accused in recent times of being a bully and rolling out changes that were not very player friendly but players were forced to accept them as PokerStars is the biggest online poker website in the world and controls close to 60 percent of the global poker market.

Inactivity Fee Dropped

Most online poker websites including partypoker charge players an inactivity fee when their online poker accounts have not been used for a period of 6 months. Players have objected to this administrative fee and partypoker management have decided that in the best interests of their players, they would drop this inactivity fee and also reimburse the amount to players who have paid the same.

The previous partypoker management had introduced this inactivity fee in October 2007 and made it mandatory for players to pay the activation fee before they were allowed access to complete a deposit, take part in cash games, playing a raked hand or participate in online tournaments.

Player Feedback Responsible For The Decision

Partypoker Chairman Mike Sexton said that the company had continued to listen to its players who had voiced their concern over the inactivity fee during face to face meetings, social media platforms, online poker forums and chat rooms. Sexton said that there are times when a poker player wants to take a long break from the game and on returning finds out that an activation fee must be paid for him/her to start playing again.

Sexton said that players should feel welcome to return to partypoker and must not be blocked from playing immediately. As a result, the company made a decision to remove the activation fee immediately and want players to know that they are always welcome at partypoker. The online poker operator has also put an emphasis on developing the ecology of its poker room and pushing for ethical and fair play. The company has decided to use prevent data mining by using anonymous local hand histories and implanting random seating for cash game players.

Poker pro Patrick Leonard who is an ambassador for partypoker has played an important role in being a bridge between partypoker management and poker players. Leonard has teased saying that partypoker is about to make a number of major changes in the coming months that will make partypoker a great place to play online poker.

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