2 suspects in poker champ robbery denied bail

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The brazen daytime home invasion, assault, and robbery of 2010 World Series of Poker Champion Jonathan Duhamel in his home outside of Montreal seems to have captivated the Canadian Press thanks to the twists and turns, wild testimony by the defendants, and conspiratorial actions of Duhamel’s ex-girlfriend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, the supposed ring-leader of the crime.

After a few days of testimony, and a few days to mull over the decision the judge overseeing the bail hearing, Pierre Belisle, for the trio of defendants has decided to grant bail to only one of the three, Anthony Borque, according to the Montreal Gazette.

Denied bail was Rojas-Latraverse (whom the judge called the “mastermind” of the robbery) and Stephen Clark Lemay, both will remain in custody through the trial. The pair did not help their cause with flippant and often outlandish answers to Judge Belisle’s questions during the bail hearing –Rojas-Latraverse at one point said she was interested in studying Law an obvious reference to the current situation she finds herself in, while Clark-Lemay claimed to be writing an 8,000 page (yes, PAGE) novel.

Wild testimony aside, the evidence itself was damning, with Belisle saying, “The crime was heinous, planned, structured and committed in cold blood,” Belisle went on to add, “As the conspirator, she has to take responsibility for her actions,” The pair were also unable to show that they would have a place to live (under family supervision) should they be released.

In addition to the other reasons cited for the denial of bail, both Clark Lemay and Rojas-Latraverse both have criminal records (Rojas-Latraverse was arrested for reckless driving, while Clark-Lemay, an admitted alcoholic, has been arrested twice for impaired driving). Belisle stated that, “Staying behind bars might help his problem,”

According to the Montreal Gazette, Borque, who has no prior criminal record, was released on $5,000 bail under the following conditions: He must live with his father in Montreal and is under a 10AM to 5PM curfew, not communicate with the Rojas-Latraverse or Clark-Lemay, not communicate with Duhamel, and check-in with police every week.

The trio will next appear in court on February 21st when the criminal trial is slated to begin.

Duhamel is back travelling the globe playing poker, recently cashing in the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super-High-Roller tournament while still sporting a few bruises from the pre-Christmas attack. His $313,600 cash may have offset the over $100,000 stolen during the robbery, but Duhamel is still more interested in reclaiming his 2010 WSOP Championship bracelet that was taken during the robbery and is still missing –a custom Rolex watch given to Duhamel by PokerStars was on the wrist of one of the defendant’s cousins and was recovered when police made arrests in the case.


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