Daily Grind: Sirius drama at QuadJacks, Team Ivey and more

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Poker News BoyEvery day the poker world is inundated with more news, reports, and gossip, than any of us can read. At PokerNewsBoy.com we understand that there are only so many hours in the day, and only so much time you can set aside to follow all of the stories taking place, so we have come up with the Daily Grind as a solution. The Daily Grind will make sure you don’t miss any of the more obscure poker stories, wrapping up the day in poker in one neat, concise, column.

Today I’ll take a look at a number of stories including some 2+2/QuadJacks drama, a few new members at IveyPoker.com, and a cryptic announcement at CalvinAyre.com.

A Sirius accusation against QuadJacks’ ZekDay

There is always some controversy or another on the online poker forums and this week’s topic of interest has to do with some potential shady business dealings between QuadJacks owner Zac Hart (AKA ZekDay) and former associate SrslySirius.

According to SrslySirius (real name Thomas Keeling) he was contracted by Hart to produce a website for Sorel Mizzi, with the two splitting the profits 50/50. Well, somewhere along the line things went afoul, and a later revelation by Sorel as to the amount paid for these services threw even more fuel on the fire

With information still coming in –and at least one of the principles in the dispute no longer answering questions—I’ll let you read through the manageable 9-page thread for the full details: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/zac-quadjacks-scams-srslysirius-zekda-how-could-you-1291949/

LuckyChewy and Dan Smith join IveyPoker.com

This week’s IveyPoker.com update has a couple of young, talented, players joining the site’s roster: 2012 GPI Player of the Year Dan Smith, and Andrew “luckychewy” Lichtenberger. The Ivey Poker roster has been growing like a pot plant underneath a heat lamp with the site now boasting 26 sponsored players – and we still don’t even know what the site is!

1. Phil Ivey – USA

2. Patrik Antonius – Finland

3. Jennifer Harman – USA

4. Greg Merson – USA

5. Cole South – USA

6. James Dempsey – UK

7. Josh Brikis – USA

8. Jonathan Tamayo – USA

9. Gillian Epp – Canada

10. Matt Giannetti – USA

11. John Eames – UK

12. David Peters – USA

13. Balazs Botond – Hungary

14. Mike Leah – Canada

15. Matias Gabrenja — Argentina

16. Justin Pechie — USA

17. Alex Bolotin — USA

18. Dan Shak – USA

19. Christian Harder – USA

20. Jackie Glazier – Australia

21. Griffin Benger – USA

22. Ronnie Bardah – USA

23. Kevin Vandersmissen – Belgium

24. Matthew Frankland – UK

25. Dan Smith – USA

26. Andrew Lichtenberger – USA

Calvin Ayre gives us a mystery wrapped in an enigma

This week a very short, very strange post found its way onto the CalvinAyre.com website. The announcement featured a cowed picture of the gaming billionaire with the cryptic message, “You Only Know One Side” with the date 1.30.2013, and a sign-up link to be one of the first to know.

So I guess we’ll find out what the other side is of whatever it is this side is in a few days!



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