Daniel Negreanu banned from 2+2 for spamming

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In what appears to be a bit of overzealous moderation, it seems the 2+2 poker forums have decided to ban perhaps the most followed professional poker player in the game, Daniel Negreanu. The hubbub was over Negreanu’s most recent vlog (video blog) which opened with an advertisement for the iSeries Live Poker Tournament Series, and Negreanu’s explanation of the event.

Negreanu’s banned is a temporary ban, but considering the way everything went down it’s highly unlikely he will be returning to the 2+2 poker forums n any regular capacity. Negreanu isn’t the first well-known professional poker player to be banned from the site, but he could very well be the best-known.

According to the 2+2 Twitter account, “”@RealKidPoker starts spam thread, deleted & warned. Makes promotional posts in 2nd thread. Deleted. Spams vlog in 2 threads = Tempbanned,”

Negreanu countered these claims with a blog post on his website www.fullcontactpoker.com, where he explained in much greater detail what actually happened:

With regards to the 2+2 Twitter accusation that Negreanu created a promotional thread and posted in a second thread on the same subject, Negranu stated:

“Iseries press release was available at the site, so I posted a thread about it since I assumed, as normal, people would want to discuss the series as they have with any other league, tournament, or tour. The old, “Will it work” discussion, etc. Didn’t even think it was odd, just wanted to be first, since I knew a thread was inevitable. They took down the thread.

“Then someone ELSE, no idea who, started a thread called “Live Betting on Poker” and were discussing iSeries. Since I know a lot about it, I assumed they’d WANT knowledgeable people posting in the thread, so I added some comments and addressed some concerns voiced by a few posters. They took the thread down!”

Negreanu goes on to explain how he posted his most recent vlog in the Daniel’s Offical Vlog Thread and in the Daniel Negreanu Photoshop Thread, since he “used some of their pics”. This is when Daniel gets banned and when he brings up some very relevant points about the 2+2 forums moderation habits, making the following two points:

“In my vlog I’ve discussed Epic Poker, FTP poker, WPT, WSOP, etc. none of which, from what I know, spend money advertising with 2+2. They never had any problem with that, nor do they have problems with people posting threads about other tourney events like PremierLeague, or even cash game shows like HSP.

“Let’s not even get into the fact that high profile posters contributing to their forums helps drive traffic which makes them $$$… 2+2 has taken a North Korean like approach to it by censoring what posters are allowed to discuss on the forum.

“Their decision to ban me and pull the threads is simply a shakedown. They are hoping that they can squeeze a few bucks out of the Iseries to put up banners, and completely overestimating their importance in the poker world, which isn’t new for them.”

You can read Daniel’s entire response to his 2+2 banning HERE

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