Daniel Negreanu stars in Millionaire Matchmaker season-opener

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DanielNegreanuAfter Daniel Negreanu tweeted out a link to a teaser video showing himself consulting with an astrologer for an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker, my mind was immediately drawn to the past “performances” by poker players on reality TV shows, and my hope is that Daniel (whom I greatly admire) will be portrayed in a much better light than the other poker players we have seen in the past.

Unfortunately, from the teaser it appears we are going to get a bit more of the same, as the trailer has Negreanu consulting an astrologer who prognosticates that the 38 year-old Negreanu is not destined to be married before he turns 40 (way to go out on a limb with that prediction Miss Cleo) and a convinced Negreanu thanking the seer for his help.

Negreanu is no rookie when it comes to being in front of a camera. Not only has the Team PokerStars Pro been on every poker show under the sun, but he has also had some bit roles in movies Lucky You, The Grand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and an appearance in the Katy Perry for Waking up in Vegas.

Here is the full teaser of the episode which will kick-off the upcoming season of the popular show: http://www.bravotv.com/the-millionaire-matchmaker/season-6/videos/trying-to-play-the-cards-right

In all honesty, the bar is set pretty low for Negreanu when it comes to being a reality TV star, needing only to clear the ultra-low hurdles set by the likes of Beth Shak, the dynamic duo of Tiffany Michele and Maria Ho, Jean-Robert Bellande, Annie Duke, and a slew of Internet whiz kids who have thrown their hat into the reality TV ring with mixed results.

The first Reality Star in the poker world was Jean-Robert Bellande who appeared on an early season of Survivor. Since then Bobby has done a remarkable job of “broke living” and is one of the more fun-loving players in the game, despite his constant degeneracy.

The most infamous appearance by a poker player on reality TV was Annie Duke’s Celebrity Apprentice stint, which saw her land in the finals, and make a mortal enemy of Joan and Melissa Rivers along the way. While Duke’s reality TV appearance caused waves, another female caused hands to slap heads when Beth Shak (who calls herself a poker player) appeared on an earlier episode of Millionaire Matchmaker, and came off… well, how should I say this… really odd, and not in a good way.

Maria Ho and Tiffany Michele had a fairly innocuous appearance on the Amazing Race, which the duo later reprised in a “Best Of” type episode. Michele then went on to appear on a cooking show called “Worst Cooks in America”, and rumor has it that the duo (or at least Ho) along with Vanessa Selbst, Liv Boeree, and Vanessa Rousso pitched a show about their experiences at the 2012 WSOP.

Along with these more notable appearances there was also a recent appearance by Jennifer Harmon on a show about female power players in Las Vegas (a show I have not seen); another not so well produced show starring Liv Boeree and Kevin MacPhee which portrayed the duo as quite money-centric (which isn’t really the case by most accounts); and other shows such as “2 Months 2 Million” and “I Bet You” featuring Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak.


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  1. Xopods says:

    “…an appearance in the Katy Perry for Waking up in Vegas.”

    He had an appearance in Katy Perry? 😉

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