Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP APAC win cements legacy

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daniel-negreanuFull disclosure, Daniel Negreanu is my favorite poker player. We’re the same age and I got into poker around the same time that Daniel started winning major events, so I have always felt a sort of connection to him at a time when the average poker pro was an AARP member. Because of the success he had in his youth, which has continued through his 30’s, Daniel is one of the very few poker players who can be considered top-tier players pre- and post-poker boom.

Daniel’s writings on RGP in the early 2000’s were instrumental to my growth as a poker player, not to mention that he took the time to correspond with my via E-Mail on a number of topics, never failing to answer a question or reply to an E-Mail. This all happened before the poker boom, so this wasn’t about his public image, it was simply the way he was, which is the way he still is. Some people feel his opinions and outspokenness are some kind of need for publicity but it really is just Daniel being Daniel, as anyone whose time in the poker world dates back to RGP and the late 1990’s can attest to.

This doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says and does, and I sometimes cringe when certain things come out of his mouth or through his keyboard, but I have more respect for Daniel Negreanu than any poker player I have come into contact with. You have to respect someone who genuinely cares about the game of poker as much as Daniel does, whether right or wrong he truly cares and has passion for the game and those who play it.

Which is why I was very excited to have the chance to write Daniel Negreanu wins inaugural WSOP APAC Main Event recently!

It’s been a long time since Daniel won a major poker tournament, so his name has sort of fallen off the radar when the poker community starts discussing the most accomplished players in the game. But his recent win in the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific (WSOP APAC) Main Event should put Daniel Negreanu’s name back into any conversation when we talk about the best tournament players in the game.

Negreanu’s impressive resume spans back to the 1990’s, which is remarkable when you consider he is only 37 years-old and has a lot of poker left in the tank. The numbers and accomplishments speak for themselves: $17.5 million in career tournament earnings; five WSOP bracelets; two WPT titles; runner-up in the 2009 WSOPE Main Event and 5th place in 2008 WSOPE Main Event; seven WPT final tables; and 1999 USPC Champion. But what many people don’t realize is the sheer number of unheralded wins and huge scores Daniel has had over the years. His career tournament earnings put him in 6th place on the all-time list, and when you exclude events with buy-ins over $50,000 Daniel is 1st on the list.

While his wins seem to come in bunches, Negreanu has managed to maintain is a level of consistency that is pretty much unmatched in poker when it comes to making money: Since 1998, Negreanu has put together 15 years we has earned at least $250,000, failing to reach that number only once, in 2000. Additionally, since 2004, Negreanu has topped $1 million in earnings seven times in that 10 –year span, and has earned at least $500k every year since 2002.

Beyond this, he has been an active voice in the poker world for 15 years, blogging, writing, as an ambassador, as a sponsored player, and always available to talk to virtually anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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