Data for millions UB and Absolute Poker players leaked

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This weekend UB and Absolute Poker likely committed their final atrocity on the online poker world as an anonymous poster on the 2+2 poker forums created a thread with a link to a website that had player information on over 3 million users from the Cereus Poker Network –the thread was deleted just minutes later, but the damage had already been done as multiple parties managed to copy the info before it disappeared.

A number of outlets have been running with the story, but the most complete version seems to be from Todd Witteles, who combed through the huge amounts of data on his site Witteles, who is in possession of the data, was the first person to point out that Absolute Poker players’ information was among the leaked data, and also offered several thoughts on different “cryptic” categories and what information may have been disseminated – Witteles believes that only accounts created through UB Poker and Absolute Poker (not their previous skins) had their information divulged.

Here is a look at the information on over 3 million poker players that was briefly on the Internet (and likely in the hands of potential spammers or worse right now) courtesy of

* Screen names

* First and last names

* Full addresses (street, city, state, country, ZIP)

* E-mail addresses

* Phone numbers (for some players, not all)

* IP addresses

* VIP Level, and Blacklist/Chargeback status

* Deposit methods used (for some players, not all)

* Withdrawal methods used (for some players, not all)

* Various numbers that were hard to decipher. These could be player balances, VIP point balances, or many other things used internally.

* Date of signup (for some players, not all)

* Date of birth

* Other weird fields that cannot be explained/deciphered

Fortunately, no financial information was divulged, but it’s still a possibility that some of the “cryptic” codes could have more damaging information. There is still some debate as to what different columns refer to –Witteles believes that certain columns may or may not be account balances, and Haley (possibly Haley Hintze???) from feels the strange country and city designations that accompany US players (which Witteles felt were some sort of internal code for UB) were meant to deceive payment processors.

There will likely be more to this story in the coming days: who leaked the information and why; how did it end up on 2+2 for 8 minutes; and what other information is out there for scammers and spammers?

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