Durrr Challenge Update

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Tom Dwan

Well after a serious spell on the sidelines it looks like the Durrr challenge is back underway! It is rare we that we can announce a Durrr challenge update and may we be the first to say it’s nice to see Dwan and Antonius back at it.

It might not have been the best time for Dwan to be playing as reports from last night suggest that he was down as much as $900k overall. Nevertheless Durrr and Antonius went at it for an entire 90 minutes of $200/$400 action over 4 tables. The game was Pot Limit Omaha and the pair managed to rack up 458 hands before ending their session at the tables.

Before the start of play Patrick Antonius had a small lead which amounted to $60,548 only 1.5 buyins at the $200/$400 level. The pair are now closing in on 25,000 hands played in total after last nights 458 hand session.

Tom Dwan showed that he is pretty much immune to tilting last night as he came back after taking a beating in the other high stakes cash games to strip Antonius of just over $26k leaving Patrick still up overall but only by $34k which is less than 1 buyin. The length of the session meant that stacks never really got that deep, however there were two pots which brokes the $100k mark. One was won by Durrr and the other by Antonius.

The biggest hand of the session came when Durrr raised from the button to $1.2k, Antonius came over the top making it $3.6k and Durrr smooth called deciding to take a flop. The flop came a raggy 10s 5h 4c which Antonius who was first to act checked to Durrr who then bet out $5.2k. Antonius was in no mood to fold to Durrr’s continuation bet and came back over the top making it $22.8k. Durrr shoved his entire $50k stack into the middle and Patrick made a fairly quick call. Antonius showed Kh Kd 10d 9d and Durrr turned over 8c 8d 6h 3c for an open ended straight draw to Patricks over pair. The turn came the 6d which changed nothing but the river binked the 8h making Durrr three ok a kind and shipping the $100k pot in his direction.

Dwan’s lead didn’t last that long when Patrick opened for $1.2k, Durrr three bet making it $3.6k and Patrick called. Durrr lead out $4.8k on the flop which came 10c 7h 2d. Patrick quickly called and the turn card was the Qh. Durrr checked to Patrick who then decided to bet out $12.4k Durrr called and the river came the 10d. Tom Dwan instantly pushed all his $29k stack into the middle and Patrick made an even faster call. Durrr turned over As Ad 6d 3h but Patrick showed down a full house with Jc Th 7c 7s and shipped the $100k pot.

After that the session fizzled out with Durrr getting the upper hand overall and walking away up just over $26,000. Lets hope for some more action soon on Full Tilt who currently offer one the best poker bonus codes around worth $600 to new players.

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