Global Poker’s Grizzly Games Post Incredible Numbers in Attenda

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Global Poker is becoming very popular with poker players across the world and one of the main reasons for this is due to the success of their online poker tournaments. Their latest offering is the second leg of their Global Poker Championships called Grizzly Games. The first leg, the Eagle Cup, was a stunning success with SC$1.25 million in guaranteed prizes. The tournament was well received and over 25,000 players signed up which saw the guaranteed prize money balloon to SC$1.5 million.

Grizzly Games Proving To Be A Great Success 

Grizzly Games is expected to break the record set by the Eagle Cup. The online poker tournament kicked-off on Jan 15 and a total of 200 events with a guaranteed cash pool of SC$1.5 million is on the line. The opening event was a great success and saw a total of 5,142 player registrations. This was the SC$5,000 free roll event and was won by an online player who uses the handle ‘wagawaga’. The guarantee on this tournament was SC$5,000 but the prize money went up to SC$14,000 due to the high number of registrations. Wagawaga also won the first Global Poker Championship package.

Grizzly Games has been running online events on a daily basis since then and the response continues to be very positive. The guaranteed prize pools for these events range start from SC$5,000 and keep increasing. Since most of these online events continue to attract a large player pool, the guaranteed prize pool continues to grow. An online event which had a SC$281 buy-in was held on Jan 21 and had a guaranteed prize pool of SC$25,000. Tournament organizers have a lot more in store for players as the tournament comes to a close.

Grizzly Games will come to a close on February 11. It will end with a bang as three main events are planned for that day. One is a SC$10,000 guaranteed prize pool event with a buy-in of SC$22. Next is a SC$15,000 event with a higher SC$55 buy-in. Finally, there is the SC$50,000 event with its SC$218 buy-in.

Global Poker Ranked Among Top Ten Online Poker Websites

Besides the money, players who win any of the championship events will get a Championship package.  This includes a championship avatar that can be used while playing on Global Poker, along with a trophy and some swag delivered to them at their real-life address. Global Poker has now become one of the top ten online poker sites in the world, with a large volume of US players playing on a regular basis.

The main attraction is the use of a unique Sweepstakes model. Instead of directly depositing money into an account, Global Poker requires people to buy Gold Coins as a virtual currency that they use to play in poker games but can never be redeemed as real money. When they purchase these coins, they also get $weeps Cash. This is used to buy into events and can be won during these events. This virtual currency can be cashed in via PayPal as real cash prizes. With a wide array of buy-ins and prize pools, this has made Global Poker a popular site among US and Canadian players.

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