Introducing Alternative Poker Leagues

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Recently there have been new live poker leagues announced, including the Native American Poker League.  While these leagues will be well received by the influx of new live poker players, perhaps it is time to make a few original poker leagues to give poker fans alternative options.  Below are some new alternative poker leagues.

 Celebrity Death Match Poker League

Hosts Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond come back to the airways with a new generation of poker-themed death matches.  Each week, a tournament is played as normal until heads-up is reached.  At that point, the final two participants battle to the death with the winner taking both first and second place.

Of course, we could just go the typical CDM style and pick two opponents each week. I’m looking forward to Annie Duke vs. Daniel Negreanu or Phil Hellmuth vs. Sam Grizzle.

 World Wrestling Poker League

As the WWE has at times had problems coming up with creative and innovative story lines, why not help them out with a poker tournament.  Insert a mix of characters and either let it play out as normal or have a “superuser” event with a scripted outcome.  If someone give you a bad beat, hit them over the head with a steel chair and then have a cage match to settle your differences.

 The Amazing Poker Run League

Much like the Amazing Race, poker players travel the nation or the world in an attempt to beat the other players in challenges, all while collecting cards towards a poker hand.  Players earn points and cash for competing challenges and the team with the lowest point total at the end of each round is eliminated.  In the finale, the team that wins the final challenge gets to replace one card in their opponents hand before they draw their final card.  However, tow jokers will be in the final cards to give an added chance of luck.

 Strip Poker League

Obviously the TV deal for this one would be either on Showtime or on an adult channel.  Concept is pretty much the same as typical strip poker, except that we will be playing NL Texas Hold’em.  Granted, I feel that this league may be heavily slanted to large chested women who know very little about poker.  The structure will not be Allen Kessler approved.



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