Is WSOP Poker the Best UK Poker Site?

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Something I get asked alot is “Whats the Best Online Poker Site for US Players?“, I usually follow there question with another. “Do you play Cash or Tournaments?”. If they say they play Tournaments I’ll tell them to try PokerStars or Full Tilt and if you already have accounts there try Lock Poker. If they say Cash, as long as there not looking super high stakes poker, I’ll tell them Lock Poker.

See poker from the US have problems when choosing an Online Poker Site to play poker at. This is with all the restrictions that are imposed on US Poker Players, (Unfairly in my opinion). However, poker players from the UK don’t have the same problems. As when US poker players ask what the best site to play on, they mean “What PokerSite can I play and make money from Online Poker that accept US players?“. On the other hand, when poker players from the UK ask, “What is the Best Online Poker Site for UK Players?“, they mean whats the Best UK Poker Site. So you have to look at the questions totally different.

First, when a US poker player ask’s the question “Whats the Best US Poker Site?” the first thing you need to find out is what Online Poker Sites accept US players. So the first thing you do is run through the top online poker sites that offer poker to US players. So you mention, Full Tilt, PokerStars, Lock Poker, and UB Poker and then probably start running out of trusted Online Poker Sites that accept US players.

However, with a player from the UK, you don’t need to worry if the site accepts UK poker players. As nearly every Online Poker Site accepts players from the UK. So when picking the Best UK Poker Site, you actually have to look at quality and why that site is best for a poker player from the UK.

So for the US player, after picking the Online Poker Sites that let them play, you need to find out whats actually the best. This can take time as you need to look at many different factors. Which I don’t have the time to go into. However, because of the choices that are available to poker players from the US, I would say PokerStars is best if your looking to play Tournaments. Lock Poker is best if your looking to play cash.

Where as, the UK poker player has a vast choice of Online Poker Sites to choose from, so he has to think about different things. The main thing that has to go through your head is, “Why am I playing poker?”. If it is for fun, you should download PokerStars and stick there, as this is where you will have most fun losing your money. However, if you are playing poker to make money you need to take some stuff into consideration. Mainly your opponents. Unless you are Isildur1, Durrrrr or Ivey you need to worry about the level of your opponents. In other words you need to know where the easy money is. And this is found out by finding out where the fish (easiest opponents) are .

So how do you find out where the fish play? The short answer is you can’t. Well not 100%. As you will find fish and sharks playing on every Online Poker Site. The thing you need to be thinking about is where is the largest amount of fish and least amount of sharks. And to do that you need to find out who plays on which Online Poker Sites.

This is the important bit you need to think about, “What is the nationality of the majority of the poker players on the Poker Site?”  and the other thing you need to ask yourself is “What nationality of opponents to I want to be playing against?“. And when it comes to Online Poker you might be surprised to hear players from the UK. Think about it.

US players have extreme difficulty depositing on Online Poker Sites. UK players don’t. This means if you are from the US you have to go through alot of hassle to play online poker. UK players don’t. They simple get out there bank card, put there bank details into the poker site and BAM, money is online. This mean if a player from the US is playing online poker he is more than likely decent enough and a winning player. Other wise they wouldn’t have bothered. So just remember the only US players who are willing to jump through the hoops and wait for cashouts are the winning successful players. So even though the majority of live poker players from the US are fish, online is different.

However, it’s completely different with the UK player. Most online poker players from the UK are fish. This is because most players from the UK see an advert on T.V and think I can win at Online Poker and 2 minutes later they have money online and playing online poker. Plus more importantly losing at Online Poker. So these are the players you want to follow. You want to play poker with UK players. This is where you will make the most money.

So back to the main question “What is the best UK Poker Site?” and the answer is easy….

WSOP Poker is the Best UK Poker Site. It’s one of the most trusted Online Poker Sites. It has enough traffic for both Cash Players and Tournament Players, and more importantly. It’s UK only. WSOP Poker is one of the only Online Poker Sites that only players from the UK can play on. So if your from the UK and you wish to make money from playing online poker. You need to sign up at WSOP Poker. And PNB will also give you an instant £20 once you make your first deposit of £30 or more, plus a 100% match bonus on the rest. Just use WSOP Poker bonus code PNB500.

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