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Those who love comedy and are in-love with Las Vegas will be sure to enjoy Fox TV’s latest comedy series titled ‘LA to Vegas’. The new sitcom debuted on January 2, 2018 and follows the crew and passengers of a budget airline called Jackpot Airlines as they fly their weekend trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

The comedic punch of LA to Vegas is centered on the regular flyers aboard the flight who have been all too familiar with the short weekend flight from the West Coast to “Lost Wages,” and the employees who have been witnesses to too many absurdities and excitement.

LA to Vegas Cast

The series stars Ed Weeks as Colin, who is a British professor at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and finds love aboard the flight after he separates with his wife; Peter Stormare as Artem, an eccentric Russian bookie and compulsive gambler; Olivia Machlin as Nichole, who works as a stripper in Vegas; Nathan Lee Graham and Kim Matula as the in-flight crew members Bernard Jasser and Ronnie Messing; and Dylan McDermott as Captain Dave Pratman, who buries himself in the sin of the city after getting discharged from the Air Force and a failed marriage.

The comedic series is the brainchild of writer Lon Zimmet, who has been inspired to write LA to Vegas after experiencing what he says are too many flights to Sin City. After the poker boom in 2003, the then struggling writer found himself traveling regularly to Las Vegas, making money playing poker.

According to Zimmet, he managed to start making enough money to pay his rent and pay for the food on his table with his poker winnings after the influx of poker amateurs during that time. His regular trips aboard budget airlines then eventually became the inspiration for his hilarious work.

Spotlight On Las Vegas

Zimmet noted that he wanted LA to Vegas to not be just another show that took a crack at Las Vegas, but as a show that presents the struggles and experiences of locals and visitors who come to the city often. This is why Zimmet made sure to bring experienced Vegas travelers on board his team. One of his writers would go to Vegas to place sports bets for his clients, flying with wads of cash on hand.

In an interview, Zimmet said, “I made sure to pack a (writing) staff full of people who are very familiar with Las Vegas, so everyone has their own stories. One of my writers actually used to take trips where he’d…fly out with literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in, like, a suitcase.”

Behind the show are executive producers Will Ferrell, Josh Bycel, Jonathan Fener, Jeff Morton, Oscar-winning writer Adam McKay, and Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan. Before LA to Vegas, Levitan worked with a prior airline comedy titled Wings. He said that Zimmet’s script was a complete coincidence and that he wasn’t exactly scouting for an airline comedy specifically. But he attests that the script is by far the funniest thing he has ever read since Modern Family.

The first episode, Pilot, has already aired on Fox. A few episodes will be dedicated to the in-flight drama and humor but in future episodes, LA to Vegas will be exploring the airport and the city of Las Vegas.



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