One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari joins 3Bet Clothing

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You may have noticed a new clothing line, 3Bet, around the Rio during the 2012 World Series of Poker, with perhaps the most exposure coming during Antonio Esfandiari’s and Brian Rast’s final table run in the $1,000,000 buy-in Big One for One Drop tournament. Rast is one of several sponsored players under the 3Bet umbrella, along with David “Doc” Sands, Jonathan Little, Greg Mueller, Scott Clements, John Phan, and now the newest member of Team 3Bet, One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari has officially joined the company.

In a statement following the announcement of his signing with the brand Esfandiari said, “I had my eye on 3Bet for a few months, but when I saw their product in person at the start of the WSOP, I knew I had to get involved,” adding, “Poker is in dire need of a clothing line that is both stylish and comfortable, and I was such an instant fan of what 3Bet is doing as a company, that I came on board as an owner even before the One Drop tournament started.”

The signing of Esfandiari is the fledgling clothing lines biggest to date and along with all of the marketing 3Bet Clothing did during the WSOP, including running a massive last longer promotion during the 2012 WSOP Main Event, and the excellent product they are offering, 3Bet may be the first poker-centric clothing line to really catch on. The clothing is trendy, and while it’s poker-themed it’s not over the top or obnoxious.

3Bet is not simply some upstart T-Shirt company though; the 3Bet line is designed by avid poker players who happen to have 25-years experience in the fashion industry. One of the 3Bet owners, Kevin Talbot, was a founder of the popular Heart & Soul line of clothing that can be found at retailers like Kohls and JC Penny. The sale of his ownership shares netted Talbot an eight-figure payday and now he is hoping that 3Bet follows the same trajectory.

“I put my money and experience into because I think the real growth in poker is still ahead. When the online game comes back to the United States, you’re going to see another explosion in interest and 3Bet will be the apparel line that connects players of all skill levels to the game they love.”

3Bet is currently offering hats, t-shirts, and hoodies, and each sponsored player has their own collection, as well as some more generalized 3Bet products. Here is a glimpse at the current clothing collections 3Bet is selling:

* Antonio’s 1 Drop Tees

* Rast Collection

* Little Collection

* Clements Collection

* Online Wizard Shirts

* Live Grinder Shirts

* High Stakes Shark Shirts

* 3Bet Hoodies

* 3Bet Hats

* Bubble Tee

You can take a look at all of 3Bet’s wares by going to



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