PokerNews and FS+G create Player of the Year Award

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Bluff Magazine and Card Player Magazine now have some company when it comes to doling out an award for the tournament poker Player of the Year. On Wednesday, and Federated Sports + Gaming announced they would be creating their own Player of the Year award based on the Global Poker Index model.

The Global Poker Index was initially designed by FS+G to complement the Epic Poker League, tracking a player’s results over a rolling 36-month period, with the most recent results carrying the most weight. However, because the 36-month period was a “rolling period” there was no official start and stop point, and the GPI could not be used to crown a Player of the Year.

Well it seems the two companies have been able to settle on a criterion for a Player of the Year award, while still keeping the original model of the GPI intact. In addition to the USA Today Global Poker Index, there will also be a Global Poker Index Player of the Year leader-board, which will be posted every Tuesday at both the and websites.

According to, “The winner of the GPI Player of the Year award will be honored with a custom 18K gold GPI POY ring created by Josh Warner who designed the Epic Poker League Champion rings and Lifetime Member rings.”

The GPI Player of the Year leader-board only tracks “professional level” live tournament results during a single calendar year, and does not take into account a player’s precious results. For a complete look at how the GPI POY rankings are calculated you can visit the website.

So what does the initial Top 10 of the GPI Player of the Year leader-board look like? Here is a look from the website:

* 1st — Jonathan Duhamel: 465.56 points

* 2nd — Jason Koon: 284.24 points

* 3rd — Ruben Visser: 258.04 points

* 4th — Samuel Chartier: 244.05 points

* 5th — Faraz Jaka: 242.18 points

* 6th — Oliver Speidel: 238.23 points

* 7th — Daniel Chevalier: 228.36 points

* 8th — Corey Burbick: 228.03 points

* 9th — Luca Pagano: 227.52 points

* 10th — Erik Cajelais: 212.19 points

And how do these rankings compare to Card Player’s and Bluff Magazine’s? Here is a look at the Top 5 from each of those outlets for comparison:


1. Oliver Speidel — 529.45 pts

2. Jonathan Duhamel — 519.60 pts

3. John Dibella — 450.75 pts

4. Faraz Jaka — 327.50 pts

5. Phil Ivey — 308.65 pts


1. John Dibella — 2,512 pts

2. Oliver Speidel — 2,500 pts

3. Faraz Jaka — 2,020 pts

4. Kyle Julius — 2,000 pts

5. Jonathan Duhamel — 1,930 pts

So it appears we will definitely have some discrepancies between the three awards!

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