Poker’s best take part in the Million Dollar Cash Game

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The Aussie Millions schedule has a number of high-profile poker tournaments, but there is also a televised cash-game that is taking place and it has attracted some of the biggest names in the game. The $500/$1,000 half-NLHE/half-PLO game with a $100,000 minimum buy-in, dubbed The Million Dollar Cash-Game, is being filmed for television and includes a lineup that has included Sam Trickett, Daniel Negreanu, Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, Daniel Cates, Jason Mercier, Tom Dwan, and a couple of Chinese businessmen.

Most of the updates are coming from the participants Twitter accounts, namely Sam Trickett and Daniel Negreanu, who unsurprisingly have been the big winners in the game early on – you don’t hear too many Tweets from players losing in a $500/$1,000 blinds cash game! Even when his luck changed Negreanu continued Tweeting, eventually stating that he was down $64k overall:

“Lost 64k today game over. Not bad considering I lost w QQ vs AJ twice and lost KK vs JJ. Will play the 250k tomorrow”

According to, which was positing live updates and hands from the game: “Jason Mercier was again a big winner cashing out $423,100 while Daniel Negreanu cashed out $250,000. Tom Dwan left with roughly what he sat down with, while Patrik Antonius cashed out $156,100 as Sam Trickett finished as top dog with $558,300.”

The cash-game was played over the course of two days. Here is a look at what the players bought in for on the opening day of the cash-game (no word on whether or not credit card deposits were accepted):

Original Day 1 Lineup:

* Jason Mercier — $100,000

* Winfred Yu — $200,000

* Richard Yong — $200,000

* Gus Hansen — $200,000

* Sam Trickett — $200,000

* Daniel Negreanu — $200,000

Later Additions and Rebuys on Day 1:

* Daniel Cates — $200,000

* Jason Mercier +$150,000

* Patrik Antonius — $100,000

* Tom Dwan — $100,000

* Richard Yong +$50,000

* Patrik Antonius +$100,000

Day 2 Lineup:

* Sam Trickett — $340,000

* Kwan Yong — $280,000

* Daniel Negreanu — $187,000

* Elton Tsang — $205,000

* Patrik Antonius — $185,000

* Daniel Cates — $170,000

* Jason Mercier — $292,000

Later Additions and Rebuys on Day 2:

* Daniel Negreanu +$130,000

* Tom Dwan — $100,000

The game wound down with Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, and Patrick Antonius playing 4-handed PLO before the TV crew called it a night. While the game is now officially, the remaining players (or most of them) have decided to continue the game in the Mahogany Room of the Crown Casino according to’s reports.

It’s often hard to tell precisely what players are adding-on and winning, especially with a day break in-between, but it appears that the TV crew and did an excellent job of keeping track of who the winners and losers were in the game.

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